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Thanks everyone for coming out to this . We had a great time chatting with Des about Porsches , the models , variants and generally things to look out for . Des has invested in his business and watching the computer wizardry drawing nearly 13 amps as it checked the computers on John Macs car was a revelation to me . (Johns car passed with flying colours by the way) .

We also spent some time taking about IMS /RMS issues and methods to detect / avoid the problem .

We heard a 996 start up with shot oil pressure on the tensioners , saws Mel’s Boxster from All Angles and generally had a good old chin wag about all things automotive .

We made Des a presentation of a PCI southern Region Plaque as a Thank you for our visit

Thanks you Des for a great day out ! Des also promised to give a PCI membership discount on work done for members in the Southern Region in the future, so all in all, a good day out!