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On Saturday 8th of May, a group of 5 PCI members attended a detailing course that is run by Andy at

In essence, it taught the basics of how to wash a car, how to clay a car, how to clean the wheels and how to machine polish a car.

One poor members car was chosen as the guinea pig vehicle for everyone to practise on. Thankfully only Andy had to wash the car !

Many of us were quite surprised how easy it is to clay a car and remove all the contamination from the bodywork. Of course, once you have the right level of lubrication and confidence, its not too scary !

After the claying, it was time to get down and dirty with the machine polisher. Its all about the technique, but I was certainly nervous as four other amateurs had a go at polishing my car with power tools ! Thankfully no problems arose and I now have a perfectly polished front bumper and wings....

Overall it was a fascinating and very worthwhile day. I know we all learned a lot from the experience and that quite a few items were added to everyones cleaning collection.. A few were even brave enough to purchase their own machine polisher.

A very worthwhile day - and thanks to Andy for teaching us the basics of advanced car cleaning. Something that we will all put to good use with the upcoming car show events over the summer.

you never know, I might even be in with a chance at this years Annual concours event !

Alan Weadick