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The idea for this trip came from Sean Beirne, perhaps inspired by late night bar talk on recent RS Oulton Days or just from stories of Whippy's legendary attacks on Wales and Scotland. There were six Porsches from the off, eight drivers/co drivers and we picked up our token Brit to make it nine for the trip.
Friday 18 Sept 2015
We all met at Dublin Ferry Port for the 14.30 hrs Swift sailing and landed in Holyhead at 16.30. Nbl had spent time in the kitchen and provided welcome lunch boxes for us.  A brisk sprint  on the A55  across the Island of Anglesea , then a turn right onto the A5 south/east and soon we were at Betws-y-coed, coffee and some driver changes at the Old Railway Station. While parked some members of PCGB approached us, it seems they were from the Essex Region and doing a Wales drive too. Wales must be a big place, as we never saw them again after this.
110 miles from Holyhead we arrived around 7 PM at our Travelodge on the outskirts of Shrewsbury, where Chris was waiting with a mended hand. Dinner was in The Peach Tree restaurant and afterwards in Havana Republic, nice and lively spot. The town is interesting and we did a cultural walk which involved sampling local brews before returning to Havana Republic for a night cap.
Saturday 19th Sept 2015
The Travellodge has a Little Chef close by and some fortified themselves with whats called their Olympic Breakfast, I consumed the last remaining Nbl Lunch box, the lettuce had gone a bit black but it was still nice and there was no after shock from it later in the day, unlike some of the Olympians.
Chris and Sean had devised a most interesting route. 52 miles to clear the pipes and we arrived at Lake Vrywny near Bala. Very interesting , it has a road around it with a 10 mile loop. Coffee at a lovely coffee shop and off we went again. We arrived at Cerrigydruidion which is the start finish of the EVO Triangle. It's 20 miles around and a lap can take up to 30 mins but we were a bit quicker on our warm up lap. A short committee meeting, driver changes and more coffee saw the lap time tumble and for the middle run we did it in reverse direction. We arrived circa 6.30 at our Travelodge in Caernarfron (see we too can do down market hotels, it's not all D4 and 5 Stars, somethimes we just like to see how the other half lives). A gourmet Chinese meant we were ready to attack the natives. What I  remember most is that Chris was presented with a blow up zimmer frame by some local wags, tasty they were too . Chris very reluctantly declined their offer to join them for their house party, suffice to say we twisted his good hand and promised him terrible things if he went with them.
Sunday 20 th Sept 2015
Bright eyed and bushy tailed we all got the ferry home. 
120 miles Friday
174 miles Saturday
A small group, but quality stuff and great fun.

We took no prisoners and achieved our mission. 

Mission 2016:  'Our Return', to coin a phrase from Porsche.

Dave Whelan - President