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Hi all,

Hope to find you all well after the weather we were having and the festive season. As for the last couple of years we had our now annual Dinner in the sunny southeast city of Waterford, this time on Saturday the 29th of January. Originally the Dinner was organised to touch base after Christmas with our Members and Friends in the southeast since 2005.

Since the inauguration of the PCI-Karting Championship we had incorporated at the dinner the Trophy presentations to our Competitors from the Karting fraternity.

For the second time in its history we presented Trophy’s to the winners and competitors in the Karting-championship to the Members present at the Dinner. To Shane applying himself to a great race after a Wedding-night he participated, Neil whom I had a great battle with for position at the Kiltorcan racetrack, Connie whom I had battle’s with all season long and who by the way had a tough season and towards the end of it, finished in great form. Anthony after a fantastic season retained the PCI-Karting Championship Perpetual Trophy and is our new Champion 2010.

We have Trophy’s for all Competitors this past season and will be presented to them at the next opportune time.

The next season is almost up on us so don’t forget to check in on the PCI Website for updates and or the forum as well as checking your mails where invitations will be sent to you.

I was particularly happy to see our Friends and Members from the southeast like Jennifer and Colm, Brian who had a tough year to contend with, as well as our always helpful Jimmie, newcomers to the Southeast gang Paul and Dermott. We are hoping to see a revival this year of the southeast gang and cannot wait for the next meeting.

We had a great evening with the usual chit chat and news, talking about our cars, their status and our own of course, while having a great meal on the side. A few yarns where disclosed but of course for that to know you would have to be there. After presentations and a pleasant evening some of our friends and members explored the local night-life of which I had not been exposed to for quite some time and being at the latter part of some cold I was heading home early and hoped that all will be well for the rest for the gang. GD was overseeing the orderly retreat of them to their quarters at the Woodlands Hotel.

It leaves me only to thank everybody for coming making this a great evening to remember and hope to see you all soon

Many thanks

George Neurieder