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6th round PCI-Karting Championship Report

Abbeyfeale, 30th September

Abbeyfeale is in County Limerick as you know and one of the nicest places you could come to and I always like going there with the mountain scenery around the area, not like the alps or anything like it but nonetheless cheery if you would like to use this therm. Tom from Abbeyfeale Raceway is one of the easiest going “Dude’s” around and coming there always makes me wanting to relax and makes it so easy for us to have fun.

This session was a wet, drying out, wet again one, with the track being a little tricky in sections but a real nice track once you get used to, it is a great track and plenty of action in various turns were in store for us. During practice we all had spins as the track was slippery and one turn at the start they had changed to a more manageable from a turn to a sweeping corner at full throttle, which made all the more interesting.

In the race we had a returning shower which made the drying out track slippery again and Andy again as last season had trouble with his Kart during the race and had to return for a new one as I had during qualifying. The race was combative and positions changed quite a few times and Ciaran I think drove one of his best races as Jacub and Ben battled upfront. Jacub recorded the fastest lap during the race and took revenge to last year when Ben beat him to it. There was a few spins here and there and I found it particularly difficult with my kart as it was spinning more so when I was trying to keep it tight, with the track being unforgiving.

It led to the following results:

Jacub 1st 17 points with fastest lap

Ben D. 2nd 24 points and joker played

Ciaran Fl. 3rd 10 points

George 4th 8 points

Andy 5th 6 points

It leaves the Leader board with:

1st Peter S. 75 points joker played in round 4 Galway

2nd Jacub 63 points joker played in round 5 Watergrass Hill

3rd George N. 58 points joker played in round 5 Watergrass Hill

4th Ben D. 44 points joker played in round 6 Abbeyfeale

5th GarC 40 points joker played in round 4 Galway

6rd Colm F. 36 points

7th Ciaran Fl. 34 points joker played in round 2 Kiltorcan Ballyhale KK

8th Connie 24 points joker played in round 5 Watergrass Hill

9th Andy 22 points joker played in round 6 Abbeyfeale

10th Brian K. 15 points

11th PJ McA. 14 points joker played in round 4 Galway

12th Willy B. 10 points

13th Paul S. 8 points

13th Billy N. 8 points

14th Mervin 6 points

15th Alex 3 points

The Championship as you can see is nicely heating up and with 2 races remaining at this stage all places are to play for.

It leaves me only to thank everybody once again for coming and turning this into a fantastic day out again. Some food was taken in, in some Hotel down the road where the banter was widespread until we eventually made our way home.

Hope to see you at the next one,

Many thanks, George