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Barney suggested a Saturday meet on the Forum and quickly gathered interest. We decided on a 11am meet at the IKEA car park. The idea was a short drive to the Naul on the M1 to the Seamus Ennis Centre for Lunch.

When Saturday came the weather wasn't kind to us, it was raining, but it proves we are not just fair weather drivers and 8 members turned up. Shane turned up to see us off, but he wasn't in his lovely Cayman that day and decided against going off with us. We took refuge in a covered IKEA car park, much to the amusement of the Saturday shopper, whom I guess suspected, that you wouldn't fit much IKEA gear in a 911. A good turnout, with Barney, John, Greg, Mick, Christy, Derek, Paul and myself. So we headed off in the rain for Naul, taking the M1, the back roads might have been too lively that day for some. When we got to the Naul, we had some good grub, good banter. A lively discussion was had on what sort of events the club should have a presence at next year. For the return journey, the weather had cleared up and we had a nice blast down the M1/M50

Thanks to Barney for getting us together.

Donal Daly