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Welcome to the latest edition of PCI E-News. We’ve been away for a while, but are back with a new format and improved content and material for our members. The club website has had a recent face lift and all news articles and events here are detailed in full on the website. Just click the link below to get detailed information on anything listed below.

NEWS: PCI Breakfast Meet - 28 December 2008.

The 993 registry had previously organised a number of drives / breakfast meets over 2008 , so a decision was made to end the year in style and organise a breakfast meet for the entire club. Click here for further details.

EVENTS: PCI Annual Dinner - 28 February 2009.

Our annual dinner is almost upon us again. Even if you are just planning on attending the dinner only, please book with the hotel ASAP so we can confirm numbers. Click here for further details.

EVENTS: Factory Trip - 28 March 2009.

We have been busy planning the factory trip for 2009. If you haven't seen what we are going to get up to, then I suggest you check out the following link and see what you might be missing. Click here for further details.

FEATURE: Porsche Web Cinema

Want to watch at GT3 RSR racing around the ring ? Or perhaps explore the essence of a Porsche Car ? Apart from the familiar marketing videos, there is a lot of onboard racing footage available also. All these and many more Porsche films can be freely accessed at the Porsche Web Cinema. Click here for further details.