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3rd Round PCI-Karting Championship Report


Athboy we had down as the venue for the 3rd round and knowing the track from the last two years, I was looking forward to some impressive Karting from all. I headed in the morning from Co. Wexford without my usual Friend Andy as he was enjoying himself by attending and representing other important Porsche Club matters in Co. Cork. When I arrived Mick and Brian would have been there already, tuning and racing their Pro Karts previous to our Grand Prix session. This Track is a fantastic Track for both Pro and Hired Karts, twisty and demanding and if you thought it was easy with the hired Karts, it’s a different matter with the much faster Pro Karts.

All our participating PCI-Members and Friends arrived in the meantime while we were chatting away and watching the Cadets and the Bambino’s racing their little Karts without fear. During the signing on we discussed the layout of our Grand Prix session with the owner of the Venue. It was decided we should have Practice runs and Qualification runs and have a Grand Prix Final to which I insisted we would have all 14 drivers present in the one race for the Final, provided there was no messing going on.

Little did he know us, we are as Gentleman like on the Track as we are off, so there was no issues even that we all were fighting hard in each of our heats, tooth and nail for position. From what I could see not one was given anyone any troubles and we all fought fair and square, just as competitive as F1 truth to be said if not better.

If you were to use your mind and follow me around the lap it will give you an idea as we all hit the Pedal to the metal at the drop of the Chequered Flag, jostling for position heading immediately into turn1 left either taking it wide or tight pending were you are in the pack and head up to turn2 left clipping the curb or as in my case overtaking to the right going through the turn and head up to hairpin turn 3 to your right taking it tight in my case avoiding collision in the pack but usual you would take it wide left before turning right, then you head on over a brow down into turn 4 and turn 5 a chicane tempting to defend your lines as you are flinging yourself through turn 6 going right and by then with speed at full throttle you avoid hitting the curb on the other side of the track. This is the only long straight there is and there is no time to relax as you defend your position and head into turn 7 to the right with full throttle, most of the time I was drifting too far to the left and lost valuable ground including speed with immediately correcting my drive and launching myself for chicane turn 8 left and right turn 9 to head up slight turn to the left at turn 10 and line up for the second hairpin turn 11 to your right roaring up to the start finish line and start all over again.

All Drivers raced as hard as they were capable off but being extraordinarily fair and square in their competitive actions. I could not survey any exciting incident other than competitive overtaking manoeuvres were would take or retake or retake positions gained or lost. I was falling behind, while my weight issue was taking its toll on my competitiveness, since I stopped smoking some three month ago. Everybody was thoroughly enjoying themselves out there and I couldn’t imagine a greater outdoor activity for a Sunday afternoon.

As the last lap approached it was clearer who would win the race and as Brian fought off Ben and took 1st, Ben had to be happy with 2nd , Peter hard on Bens heal took 3rd, While Jacub who overtook me twice as I retook my position before and had to surrender to his superior skill, finishing in 4th, Gareth who is getting better and better in our Karting Championship finishing in an impressive 5th, with another impressive newcomer Willy finishing in an hard fought 6th, with Ben’s brother Eugene finishing in 7th , myself happy to clear in 8th, Ciaran at my heals in 9th, Peters brother David finishing in 10th , and PJ finishing in an honourable 11th, while Declan had some Kart issue and had to retire.

I will have to echo the owner of the Venue’s view that the driving was combative and solid, fair and absolutely enjoyable just to watch if you weren’t in the race. With that I would have to thank everybody who made this once again one of the best races so far this season as I can’t wait for the next race on Sunday the 24th of June.

It leaves the leader board as follows.

1st Peter S. 42 Points

2nd Colm F. 36 Points

3rd Ben D. 20 Points

3rd George N. 20 Points

4th Jacub 18 Points

5th Brian K. 15 points

6th Ciaran Fl. 14 Points

7th Willy B. 10 Points

8th Paul S. 8 Points

8th Billy N. 8 Points

9th Mervin 6 Points

9th Garreth C. 6 Points

10th Connie S. 4 Points

11th Alex 3 Points

12th PJ McA. 2 Points


It leaves me with all but to thank you all again who made this a fantastic race day and I am looking forward to the next one. In the meantime mind yourself out there and have the best of times.

Hope to see you soon

Many thanks George