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A quick update to today’s 6th round of the PCI-Karting Championship 2010.

The weather was holding up great for a fantastic penultimate session of the PCI-Karting Championship 2010.

As usual the session was contested hot and heavy but fair, while we had some newcomers in the Championship with Andy and his daughter Mary, also great to see Neil back to fight tooth and nail for every inch on the track as well as Connie and Ben up to his best today, Rob who came along with Ben and his two brothers, with Joe, Shane, Stephan and myself making up the rear to the entrants of this session.

13 in all where competing on the longer track in Kiltorcan which in our few has developed into one of Irelands best Karting track, but I will have to talk to Toni and take the limiters off next time.

The Grand Prix session was fought hard and fair with just a few squabbles/race-incidents here and there and everybody looked out for Mary who finished 13th with Bill settling with ever increasing speeds in 12th, Dan who set his fastest lap in the last lap finishing 11th, Andy who had some great lap times but spun out on lap 8 leaving him finishing in 10th,Eugene consistent times bar one lap finishing 9th , Shane after a late night and impressive times finishing 8th , Rob battling hard to finish ahead of Shane in 7th, Stephan hitting his best lap times in the middle and latter part of the Grand Prix consistently in 6th look out for him in future, Neil who had a great old ding dong with myself snapping at my heals and finishing in 5th, myself lucky enough to finish in 4th , as Connie giving one of his best displays of the season ding donging with me for a while and then passing me to finish in 3rd, as Ben had one of his best races this year finishing in 2nd , as Joe leading away from the start and never had his 1st position ever in any trouble while he was well ahead of the field.

It looked right from the start the first two positions where settled and the real battles where going on in 3rd 4th and 6th places as well as further back, plenty of skids, near misses and gravel scrubbing with hair-raising overtaking manoeuvre’s where part of the course and without them it wouldn’t have been half as much fun.

We crowned Joe the Winner with a bottle of bubbly and after some chit chat headed off to Knocktopher for a bite to eat in the local Hotel.

Let me thank everybody who came along for some great racing and making this again one of the best days of this year’s PCI-Karting Championship.

Our last race of the season is on Sunday the 28th of November taking in the new track in County Louth on which Whippy and Mick are the local Matadors.

Positions of the Championship are as follows:

1st Anthony with 36 Points,

2nd George with 34 Points,

3rd Connie with 26 Points,

4th Ben D. with 23 Points,

5th Joe Gr. with 20 Points,

6th Colm F. with 16 Points,

7th Rob C. with 15 Points,

8th Pat B. with 11 Points,

9th Alex S. with 10 Points,

10th Stephen W. with 5 Points,

10th Padraic K with 5 Points,

11th Neil L. with 4 Points,

11th John O’C. with 4 Points,

12th Kieran G. with 3 Points,

13th Ciaran F. with 1 Point,

13th Shane M. with 1 Point,

13th Adrian with 1 Point.

Looking at this now it will come to the last race of the season to see who will be this year’s PCI-Karting Champion with Anthony in the lead and George as well as Connie having an outside chance to snatch the Perpetual Trophy from our current Champion Anthony, but as we all know things will always turn as we never imagined.

I can’t wait for the next session and I hope to see you there,

Many thanks