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Combined Boxster/Cayman and Turbo Autumn Run to Fergusson Winery, Yarra Glen. Sunday 5th May 2013

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Combined Boxster/Cayman and Turbo Run Sunday 5th of May

The junior’s invite their big brothers to enjoy a day in the country followed by lunch. Story by: David Mallinson

When Wayne and Lindsay suggested the Boxster & Cayman register host the Turbo’s for their May run and we would reciprocate on our run on the 21st of July, my first thought was great idea but could they keep up.

Well those thoughts were short lived as two weeks ago when my car was being serviced, I was given a 987 Boxster S as a loan car for a day and I was completely blown away on how exciting these mid engine Porsches are. My fear then was if we were up in the hills how could we keep up with them, as it turned out it was a pretty even balance.

We set off from McDonalds on the corner of Wellington and Springvale Roads with 19 cars, including 9 Boxsters, 3 Caymans, 2 996s from the Modern Register and 5 Turbos. From my perspective the two stand out cars in the group were the ex-Jim Richards 993 Turbo S owned by Graham Milford-Cottam and Fred Solazzo’s 981 Boxster Spyder (both pictured). The 993 Turbo S is already a classic and I am sure in years to come so will be the Spyder.

The run took us via a slightly different track waving around the Dandenong’s to avoid the Puffing Billy footrace which added some unique roads leading up to our morning tea stop in Gembrook, where we were treated to a fantastic Devonshire Tea.

After some great conversation we buckled up for the next 105kms of what I can only describe as some of the best country twisters in Victoria and where those damn mid engine Porsches come into their own versus our heavier rear weighted Turbos (thank god for the straights between the bends).

For the passengers, nature had put on a spectacular show with a blazing array of autumn colours at every turn of the road, a real treat.

After this thoroughly enjoyable leg we finished up at the delightful Fergusson Winery for a complimentary wine tasting before a wonderful gourmet lunch.

Our stable of Porsches received plenty of attention from other patrons with plenty of photos taken by both participants and onlookers as Captain Wayne positioned the group across the front of the winery.

A very special thanks from the Turbo register to Lindsay who has set the bar very high for our reciprocal run in July both in the quality of roads and catering.

911 Turbo Register Technical Evening

Wednesday 20th March 2013

On Wednesday the 20th of March the Turbo Register hosted circa 40 PCV members to a wonderful technical evening at Nine Plus in Richmond, where we all enjoyed some great conservations and performance tips from the expert staff over some fantastic Wines and savouries. Guests at the night included RSR Garage, Liquid Moly, Revolution Motorsport and John Bowe Driving.

The next event we have is a joint run hosted by our baby brothers, (the Boxster & Cayman register) on Sunday the 5th of May and we will reciprocate by inviting them to our run on Sunday the 22nd of September. So please ensure you all register for this drive.

As a reminder the rest of the year’s events are as follows:

Sunday 5th of May joint run with Boxster & Cayman register – booking details now out.

Sunday 26th May joint early morning experience with GT3 register - 7am start and finish with Morning Tea at 10.30) – details TBA,

Sunday 21st July mid-year Sunday lunch run with the Ferrari club – details TBA,

Sunday 22nd of September AFL finals joint lunch run with Boxster & Cayman Register – details TBA

Sunday 10th November Spring Carnival Lunch run – details TBA

Wednesday 4th December Wine and cheese Trade night – details TBA

Should you have any queries please feel free to email or contact one of the Captains, listed below:

David Mallinson – Mobile 0417 382 112, email

Rowan Burnett – Mobile 0417 540 957, email


Combined Modern 911/Turbo Register Run to McClelland Sculpture Park & Willow Creek Winery on the 10th February

Story by: Geoffrey Mould

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Sunday 10th February proved to be perfect weather for our run and commenced with all meeting at the McDonalds Springvale for an early 9:00am start. We welcomed new members David and Soo McClure and their daughter Millie. David bought his 997 coupe only 2 weeks ago and is already joining in PCV activities.

The hard work that had been done washing and waxing the cars was not wasted as the showers held off and the morning clouds turned into sunshine. We had a large number of black cars on the run that were gleaming in the sunlight.

Our drive took us around Cardinia Reservoir and on through Emerald, Upper Beaconsfield and Berwick to Langwarrin with our first stop of the morning at the McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park. The McClelland Sculpture Park has a permanent collection by prominent Australian sculptors set in a natural bushland setting of 16 hectares. Also on show was a series of photographs by John Gollings of the aftermath of bush fires from a few years ago that were taken from a helicopter and from the ground. The time spent at the McClelland Sculpture Park only gave us just sufficient time to appreciate the artwork and wet our enthusiasm for a return trip to spend more time there to discover the whole park. The coffee was good though their system of taking orders and delivering them to our tables could do with some German process improvement.

We spent a pleasant hour and a half wandering the grounds when it was arranged to muster at 11:30am for our next leg of the journey on to the Willow Creek Winery and their Salix Restaurant. The run to Willow Creek was down the centre of the Mornington Peninsula along Coolart Road to Balnarring with short sideways deviation to the winery. Some “spirited” driving through the numerous roundabouts was curtailed by a cruising yellow Highway Patrol car that showed great interest in the 17 shiny 911s seeing who could corner flattest.

Willow Creek Winery is famous for their Pinot Noir as are many of the local vineyards. Many a glass was consumed over our fine luncheon of main course and dessert; there were plenty of meal options to please all. A few cartons of their famous wines were also taken home to add to the cellar.

18 Modern 911s and Turbo cars and 37 people were registered for the run. We ended up with 5 Turbos and 12 Modern 911s, plus an Audi Q7 looking a little out of place. Unfortunately Brent Howard had experienced an issue with his 964 Turbo just a couple of kms from home, so he arrived in his backup vehicle and was still able to join us to enjoy the artwork at the Sculpture Park and lunch that overlooked the picturesque vineyard. At least Brent’s problem occurred early and not in the middle of the run.

The way home was via the new Mornington “Peninsula Link” Freeway, which was evident that 2 lanes each way was insufficient and short sighted by the government even at this stage of it just opening. And the yellow Highway Patrol car was still cruising around watching us.


Turbo Register Update 20/12/12

Dear Turbo Register Members, we hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year planned and thought it would be timely to give you all a forward look at what events are planned for 2013.

I am very pleased to announce and introduce my Co Captain Rowan Burnett who has just recently restored his 930 Turbo which we all look forward to seeing next year. Over the last two years we have run our Turbo register events jointly with the Modern 911 Register, however in 2013 we will try to stand as a register on our own. We have changed our fixture a little to include a joint run with both the Modern and GT3 Registers as well as a run with the Ferrari club. Following on from our very successful Technical evening at Nine Plus last year where we all got to know what makes our car tick and how we can make it tick better over some wine and cheese, we have scheduled another session in March at Nine plus as well as a second evening later in the year.

The provisional schedule for 2013 for you to pencil into your calendar (full details will be sent out closer to the events) is as follows:

•Sunday 10th Feb, joint lunch run with the Modern Register – details TBA,

• Wednesday 20th March (6.30 to 8.30pm) at Nine +, Dover Street Richmond, a Wine and Cheese evening on get to know your car better,

•Sunday 26th May joint early morning experience with GT3 register 7am start and finish with Morning Tea at 10.30) – details TBA,

•Sunday 21st July mid year Sunday lunch run with the Ferrari club – details TBA,

•Sunday 22nd of September AFL finals lunch run – details TBA

•Sunday 10th November Spring Carnival Lunch run – details TBA

•Wednesday 4th December Wine and cheese Trade night – details TBA

We look forward to catching up at one or more of these events during 2012.


David Mallinson & Rowan Burnett

Turbo Register Captains


TURBO & MODERN 911 REGISTERS PEPPERCORN RUN on Sunday 7th October 2012


911 TURBO & MODERN 911 REGISTERS OVERNIGHT RUN TO GIPPSLAND on Sat 28th and Sun 29th July 2012

On Saturday the 28th of July we ran an overnight joint Modern & Turbo register run, (the Modern 911Register is the renaming of the 996/997 Register to accommodate the all new 991). This run departed Melbourne and travelled East through some 380km of spectacular Victorian mountain roads and the magnificent rolling Gippsland hills. True to its name “winter overnight run”, it was both chilly and damp, however it did not stop everyone having a wonderful experience.

On this run we attracted 5 cars, whilst a small number the upside of a small group is that it is easier to keep together and provides intimate conversations at each of our stops. On the drive we were fortunate to be joined by our Club President Will and his wife Barbara in his Red Cayman S, Colin Moss and Jackie Ellis made the long trip down from Deniliquin in their immaculate ‘89 Slantnose SE Turbo, also Dirk and Dawn Gierarch joined us in what must have been a bit of a dilemma on which of their three Porsches to bring and finally settling for their newly acquired black 997 GT3. Rounding out this group was our Modern 911 Register Captain Geoffrey and his wife Barbara in his White 997 Carrera and myself in my trusty silver 996 turbo, with my wife Louise joining us for Dinner only due to school sport commitments.

The route we took saw us pass through the Dandenong’s up to Yarra Junction for an exciting climb and descent over the mountain ranges into Warragul, then down to Korrumburra for a hearty counter meal and recounting the trip so far. From Korrumburra we tracked south west down into Wonthaggi before heading north for another challenging set of back roads leading thorough to Traralgon via Churchill. From Traralgon it was a gentle wander up to our accommodation and Dinner venue at Tinamba.

We were fortunate enough to find a great B&B that was located a mere 50 metres from our Dinner venue making it for a safe and enjoyable night of wining and dining. Our dinner venue, the Tinamba Hotel is rated a 14.5 in the Good food guide and is as good a meal as can be found in Melbourne. Our menu started with a gourmet tasting platter followed by a choice of four main courses and then complimented with a magnificent sweets tasting platter. Of course these were all magnificently complimented (washed down) by some great Australian wines.

Rather than do a random draw for our door prize, I had asked the Maitre ‘D to wander out the back and select her favourite looking Porsche to receive the Complimentary bottle of local wine. Much to my disappointment it was not my car she chose but the Black 997 GT3 belonging to Dirk and Dawn.

The next morning after a great country breakfast (something about farm fresh eggs you cannot beat), we then headed into Maffra for a tour of the Gippsland Vehicle Collection. By late morning we were all making our way back home to catch-up on our weekend tasks.

Modern 911 Register Captain - Geoffrey Mould

Turbo Register Captain - David Mallinson

Nothing like a hearty counter meal on a cold damp winter’s day

Relaxing before our gourmet dinner

Silver service is what it is all about

The five Stuttgart rockets complete with Captains and Navigators

They tell me this is Geoffrey’s latest addition to the Modern Register


Turbo Register June Update

On Sunday the 2nd of June we ran another joint 996/997 & Turbo register run, departing Melbourne and this time travelling West and completing a 210km run through some delightful back roads finishing up at the amazing Red Rock Winery for a wine tasting and gourmet lunch.

On this run we had 17 cars in total represented by 8 from the 996/997 register, 3 of our Turbos and then an assortment representing the GT3, Boxster, Cayman and mid 911registers. Unfortunately one of our starters had ignition problems with his 993RS and could not make it but many thanks to our other register members for coming along and making this a very enjoyable day.

Also unfortunately our 996/997 captain Geoffrey Mould was unable to attend only having arrived back from 3 weeks in New York a few days earlier, however I was ably assisted on the day by our Club President Will Darvall, Treasurer Michael O’Brien as well as our Register Director Wayne St Baker.

The route we took saw us pass through Werribee onto some delightful back roads into Meredith where we refueled with caffeine before making our way down to Bannockburn before our final loop across to Alvie and Red Rock Winery. Unfortunately our group was split with 8 cars in the first group met by our host and fellow PCV member Rohan Little. This occurred 50km’s out where we had the privilege of following him in his black GT2 back to the winery before taking on the hill climb to the lookout above the winery. Sometime later we were joined by the second group ably led by our President, with some skepticism on the route directions (no doubt testing his in-car harmony theory).

Rohan proved to be a delightful host with an excellent array of wines available for tasting including his sensational 2008 Jacks Paddock Shiraz - my new favourite.

After being seated, Rohan walked us through the history of his vineyard, the process he employs in producing his wines and most importantly the background of his two Porsches, in addition to his magnificent GT2 (whose history was well known to most members) he also owns a yellow 2.7 Carrera which sat amongst us I the restaurant, minus an engine he blew last weekend racing in Group S at Winton.

What an ideal location for a Porsche run, with many drivers taking the opportunity between courses to re-run or in the case of the second group take the hill climb as the main group watched from the comfort of the restaurant, with the rain thankfully holding off till later in the afternoon.

A big thank you to Rohan and his staff for making the day very enjoyable, especially as he was missing the assistance of wife Dominique who had a prior engagement she could not move. The meal was superb, the wine outstanding and the conversation first class, with many choosing to restock their cellars on the way out the door.

For those interested Red Rock Wines can be purchased via their Web Site below:

Turbo Register Captain

David Mallinson

Regrouping at Meredith (yes it was chilly)

At the top of the hill look-out

– Yeh, Yeh the Boxster was first up but we all know Wayne cheated.

Group one – noting Rohans GT2

And the in-car harmony group

Great cars, food, wine and friends what else is there in life.. don’t think my wife will let me park mine in the dining room but.



Early Morning Run April 2012

On Sunday the 1st of April (yes April Fool’s Day) we ran a joint 996/997 & Turbo “early morning experience” register run. This run departed from Porsche Melbourne, where we had 10 cars in total. This drive departed from the normal full day format with an early departure (8am) from Porsche Melbourne and travelling North West through some picturesque country roads finishing with morning Tea at 10.30am in Woodend.

Despite a clearly articulated run sheet our 997/997 Captain David Lovatt was able to lead 6 of 10 cars to some additional loops of the Western Ring Road including one of our turbo pilots (obviously David was missing his wife Domna’s navigational input). Despite this detour we were able to regroup at Rockbank and all found our way to Woodend for morning Tea, where most of the participants joined David and I for a few hours at the PCV race meet at Calder raceway.

Of special note we were able to witness our other 996/997 register Captain Geoffrey Mould compete (No 46 below), where as usual he held his own in some hotly contested racing.

After talking to those that attended and the positive feedback, I think the early morning format coinciding with a race meet is something we will look at continuing next year as well.

Don’t forget that our next drive will be a magnificent drive into Northern Victoria finishing with lunch at Mitchelton Winery on Sunday the 29th of April, as I have mentioned before unfortunately I will be an apology for this drive as I will be overseas with work but can rest easy David and Geoffrey will look after you.

Turbo Register Captain

David Mallinson



996/997 & TURBO Registers Early Morning Experience on Sunday 1st April 2012

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996/997 & TURBO Registers Technical Evening on Wednesday 7th March 2012

Dear Turbo Register Members,

For those of you that could join our Technical night at Nine Plus on Wednesday the 7th of March I hope you had an enjoyable evening. It was great to see so much enthusiasm both in viewing the display vehicles and in the general discussions around the workshop.

A big thanks to the Team at Nine Plus for hosting such a great night.

I would like to appeal to any register member who would like to take up a Co-Captain position on the turbo register to contact me, the time commitment is not that onerous, with three to four evenings a year on planning and one or two dry run days.


David Mallinson

Turbo Register Captain


996/997 & TURBO Registers Mountain Run, Sunday 16th October 2011

On Sunday the 16th of October we ran another joint 996/997 & Turbo register run, departing Melbourne and this time travelling North East and completing a 156km loop through Warburton to Marysville and down to Healesville before stopping for a Gourmet Lunch at Oakridge Winery.

On this run we had 14 cars in total of which 7 were Turbo Register members driving Stuttgart’s finest.

Of the six other Turbo pilots, it was good to see Peter & Margo Shaw join us again in their Silver 996, Brent Howard and Ann Crowhurst in their black 964, John Taip and family also in a black 964, Aaron Pasias and Kristian Cursio in their Black 997, Andrew & Donna Goulsbra with their Brown 930 and last but not least Colin Moss and Jacqui Ellis in their immaculately restored white 930 SE slant nose.

The 156km route took us through some rewarding mountain roads in Victoria on the way from Warburton up to Marysville, which still has an impact on me every time I pass through this area, a short stop in Marysville to regroup before tackling the Black Spur and passing through Healesville to stop at the magnificent Oakridge Winery at Coldstream where we were greeted and entertained by the very funny and outgoing host Andrew. The meal, wine and warm reception at Oakridge was simply outstanding which included a special group wine tasting of their award winning wines.

Unfortunately the weather was not the kindest with patches of rain adding a little more challenge to this magnificent Mountain route. Again my sincere thanks to the 996/997 Captains Geoffrey Mould and Dave Lovatt on allowing our Register to join their run, going forward with the numbers where they are I think it makes sense to continue these joints runs, however I would like to hear any suggestions that any of the Turbo Register members may have before we look at setting dates for next Calendar year and of course if anyone is willing to come forward as a Co-Captain.

Turbo Register Captain

David Mallinson

Regrouping at Warburton (turbo’s lead the pack)

Like I said, it still has an impact

Great cars, food, wine and friends - what else is there in life?


Turbo & 996/7 Registers Run to Archies On The Creek, Sunday 5th June 2011

On Sunday the 5th of June we ran our third 996/997 & Turbo register run, departing Melbourne and this time travelling east before heading down through the Gippsland countryside and finishing with a gourmet lunch at Archies On The Creek in Ryanston.

On this trip 18 cars departed McDonalds in Springvale Road, of which there were 7 of Stuttgart’s finest, including two 930’s, two 996’s, a 996S, a 997 and the daddy of them all a 997S.

Of the seven Turbo pilots, it was good to see Peter McRae join us again in his Black 996S, with the other five joining our joint run for the first time including Rob & Sylvia Rogers in their red 930, Tony & Kate Sipos in their red 930 Targa, Wilson and Grace Johnson in the Lapis Blue 996, Peter & Ikuko Billings in their newly acquired Black 997 Cab and a special mention for Allan & Kerry Hines making the trip down from Bendigo in their magnificent 2011 red 997S.

The 157km Route saw us depart along Wellington road, looping through Gembrook and Cockatoo which carried the normal Sunday traffic and gave everyone the chance to enjoy the brisk but sunny morning, before heading South through to Nar Nar Goon and across to Drouin, from Drouin we were able to enjoy some of Gippsland’s finest country roads virtually to ourselves which offered a rewarding drive finishing up at Archies On The Creek where once again we were treated to a gourmet lunch with some great wines to match expertly put together by Geoff Mould.

I do have to apologise for the small stretch of gravel surface at the start of Bessie Creek Road, on our reconnaissance drive my navigation (or I’d like to think the Google maps instructions) got Dave Lovatt and myself a little lost and we cut back onto this road onto the sealed section and just presumed it was sealed all the way through, thankfully the surface was reasonably good so whilst adding some variety and spice to the drive certainly was not planned.

Representing the 3 models on the run a 930, 996 and 997.


How often do you see a 997S and 996S Turbo side by side (not sure on the wannabe’s).


Once again we are very grateful to my Co register Captain’s Geoff and David and the other 996/997 members allowing us to share their register run.

Our next Turbo register scheduled outing is another joint run with the 996/997 register, this run is an overnight run on the 6th and 7th of August. Due to accommodation restrictions numbers will be limited, so please keep an eye out for this notice as it will be first in best dressed.

Turbo Register Captain

David Mallinson


Combined GT3/RS & Turbo Registers Early Morning Blast, Sunday 8th of May 2011

Fifteen brave drivers faced a 7am start outside the Porsche Centre Melbourne, brave not because of treacherous conditions, or difficult driving challenges but because it was Mothers Day.

The thought of running into a deficit of “Brownie points” may explain the low representation of Turbo’s, luckily I had topped my account up with a trip to Tiffany’s on Friday. I was joined on the run by Tony Stephens in his immaculate black 993, Tony has participated in the GT3/RS blasts before and after this experience I know why.

The run was put together by the GT3/RS Captain Aaron Silluzio, which was one of his “Normal routes” and WOW what some great roads and all so close to Melbourne. The route took us over 100kms of some of the best roads imaginable finishing up at the top of Mount Donna Buang. We then descended to the Beechworth Bakery at around 9am for a Caffeine refuel, at which time I sadly had to had to return to Melbourne ( my account was not that much in surplus) via a more direct route rather than the 40km wind-down cruise to Kinglake then back to Melbourne.

Thanks again to Aaron on allowing us to share his memorable run and I look forward to further outings with the very enthusiastic group of Porsche die-hards.

Please keep an eye out for our next event the combined 996/997 & Turbo register drive on Sunday the 5th of June to Archies on the creek.

Best Regards

David Mallinson

Turbo Register Captain