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Words by Timothy & Leanne Drew (new members)

Sunday 15th June 7am sharp. Five 911’s, two Cayenne’s and one 928 met at the Porsche Centre Melbourne for another early morning run. Being a new member to PCV and always eager to please we ( my 4 year old daughter Paris & wife Leanne) said "YES" to joining the Turbo register on their usual leisurely Sunday EMR - this time, a scenic run up to Mt Baw Baw. With PDC and PASM firmly pushed to the ON position we headed off out onto Hoddle street and round the on ramp to the freeway which Graham Lachlan (911 Turbo Register Captain) navigated like turn 12 at Phillip Island before launching onto the straight. From here I knew we were in for some fun.

With my window slightly open in order fully appreciate that high octane experience on ones palate and the raw power on the ear drums of the GT3’s in front of us, my copilot in the back seat was heard shouting “Go faster daddy” - clearly she has never heard of Brumby Vision and the non tax deductible donations he seems to regularly request from over enthusiastic drivers.

After a quick fuel stop we headed out to Lilydale to do what turbo’s do best. Engage that turbine of course.

Being the newest member and with the youngest PCV member on the run I was surprised after rounding one corner to find all of the turbo’s pulled over just one hour into the drive at Warburton for a "P- (pee) stop". I am assured the same gentlemen some twenty years earlier would have been a further 100km up the road before having to pull over. Must have been the all that bone jarring from the PASM. That’s there story and their sticking with it.

From there we headed to Noojee and up the Baw Baw road which, as the ski season is now open, we all of course carried chains (NOT).

Unfortunately we did not make it to the top as poor Paris yodeled from the back seat “Daddy I am going to be sick!” and following that Porsche friendly phrase came the inevitable follow through. Thanks Mum for cleaning that one up - knew I should have got that PDCC option for the local Safeway car park.

As we sat by the side of the road waiting for Paris to recover, we could hear that unmistakable sound of turbo powered mosquitoes coming back down the hill sucking and gulping fuel and air. From here we regrouped and headed back to Noogee for a well earned breakie and a much needed coffee.

After a light breakie and in-depth conversation on life, death and the all important new federal luxury car tax we headed back into Melbourne all going our separate way.

Thank you gentleman. What a great and privileged way to spend a chilly Sunday morning!