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How do I get involved with the Porsche Club of Victoria?


“The more you put into a Club the more you get out of it.”  anon.

What can you do for your Club?

OK, you may be a new member or you may have been on Register and Social Runs, or at a Competition event, or at a Club night. Have you thought about how these events are organised? Have you thought about getting involved with, or helping to organise such events?

Furthering your involvement with the Club is an ideal way of quickly meeting other members, many of whom have been with the Club for many years and are friendly,  experienced, make new members feel welcome, and are willing to share their knowledge . Club members share a passion for the Porsche marque, and working together for the benefit of members.

The Club runs many first class events throughout the year, we are one of the most active Car Clubs in the country, and active members report a huge sense of personal satisfaction from participating in the organisation and administration of the Club.

Positions within the Club that may interest new and old members are: 


Register Captain.

Register Captains organise about two runs each year for their Register, and there are two Captains per Register. Organisers are offered as much or as little advice and assistance as they require, and the written Run Guide is easy to follow. Within the Club, there is a small turnover of Register Captains, and it is important that a succession plan is in place.

If you feel that you might be interested in becoming a Register Captain or you feel you could help with organising a Run, please email or contact Carly on 98176911.

Check Run Volunteer.

Check Run Volunteers are an important part of well- planned runs. Check Run Volunteers ensure the accuracy of the Run Notes by driving the route from the Run Notes prior to the event.

If you would like to carry out some check runs, please email  or contact Carly on 98176911.

Marshals and Track Officials.

Marshals and Track Officials are always required for Competition Events. Our Club is unique in that our own members fill most positions at our events.

No experience is necessary, as new members are paired with experienced Marshals until they are competent and confident.  Marshalling is a great way of getting up close to the action, there is simply no other way to get as close to the Competition cars on the track.

The Club has developed a Race Marshalling booklet which provides detailed information about all facets of Marshalling. See Marshalling Information.

Social Committee.

The Social Committee organise several Events during the year, including the end of year Gala Dinner Dance, five Club Nights, and five Social Runs. Becoming a member of the Social Committee is an interesting and fulfilling position within the Club.  If interested in being a part of the Social Committee, please email Social Director at or contact Carly on 98176911.