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New Members Always Welcome

More members means a better club with more to offer. Last year membership increased greatly and is still growing. If you are interested in becoming a club member make sure you check out our great magazine, our great competitions, and our great social event calendar.

Membership Cost:

Joining fee $50 plus $230.00 for single primary membership.  Family bundles of +1 to +5 are available for an additional $35 per person.  Note: A family bundle can only cover a partner and/or children Under 21.

Membership subscriptions are due on 1st July each year, however, we accept pro rata amounts for new members joining during the year. Primary Membership: after 1 October $172.50; after 1 January $115; after 1 April full amount but covers to 30 June next year.

Partners and children under 21 are $35 flat irrespective of when joined apart from after 1 April where they are also covered for the following year.

Membership Benefits:

Membership entitles you to a variety of Member Benefits, click here to view an itemised listing.  

Membership Eligibility:

Clause 8 of the Rules requires that "every applicant must own or have owned (whether legally or beneficially) a Porsche motor vehicle or be the spouse, partner or child of such a person or the applicant must be an officer of a corporation or other entity which is or was the owner (whether legally or beneficially) of a Porsche motor vehicle.

Apply to Join the Porsche Club of Victoria

Click here to join the Porsche Club of Victoria

Alternatively Click here for a Hard Copy of the Membership Application Form. Please complete the form, and email to Lisa via 

To Rejoin the Club click here and Welcome Back!

Members Kiosk:

We introduced a Members Kiosk several years ago. This enables members to manage the accuracy of their own data, and sign up on-line for Social, Register and Track Events. 

Click here for the Members Kiosk Home page.

Your data can be accessed via the "Profile" link once you have logged in.

Click here for a short introduction on how to get in, how to enter an event and how to pay. We now provide for Credit Card and Paypal, BPay and direct deposit.


Porsche Club of Victoria Members Forum

Click here for Members Forum


Porsche Club of Victoria YouTube Channel

Click here for the Porsche Club YouTube Channel


For Committee Use Only:

The Confluence wikki is here.

Event management (the new link) is here.