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Click here to go to the Join Porsche Club Victoria Page

We introduced a Members Kiosk several years ago. This enables members to manage the accuracy of their own data, and sign up on-line for Social, Register and Competition Events.

Click here for the Kiosk Home page.

Your data can be accessed via the "Profile" link once you have logged in.

Click here for a short introduction to how to get in, how to enter an event and how to pay. We now provide for Credit Card and Paypal, BPay and direct deposit.

To rejoin the Club, click here. Welcome back!!


Porsche Club Victoria YouTube Channel is here.


Motorkhana live timing link is here.

Clerk & Stewards, live Entrant display material is here


For Committee Use Only:

The confluence wikki is here.

Event management (the new link) is here..