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The Porsche Club of Victoria is registered with VicRoads for the VLCPS. The Club Administrator for the scheme is Garry Saber who is also the club’s authorised signatory and will sign the VicRoads form to confirm membership for PCV members.

A Road Worthy Certificate is required for all new applications to VicRoads. Note: A Letter of Safety is no longer an option for new CPS applications.

Members now need to provide us with the following before we can sign-off on a Club Permit Application Form.

  1. The new club permit application form (original to be signed by the club). Click Here for this form. The CPS application must be signed and dated by the applicant before it is sent to PCV.
  2. The Vehicle Eligibility form (original to be signed by the club) Click Here for this form.
  3. The original of a valid Road Worthy Certificate.
  4. When applicable, the original of a valid VASS Certificate.
  5. When applicable, proof of previous Australian Registration (a previous ClubPermit is not Australian Registration)
  6. Proof of ownership of the vehicle. A copy of an original document showing applicants name as the new owner and the previous owners details is sufficent.
  7. Stamped self addressed envelope for return of all the documents.
  8. Numerous dated photos of various parts of the car. Must include Front, Driver's side, Rear, Driving position (side on with driver's door open showing seat & steering wheel) and Identifiers like VIN (Chassis number) and Engine Number as per details below
  9. All mail is to be sent in standard size envelopes that will fit in a standard size PO Box.  Please don’t send by any method that requires signature at the Post Office counter.


  1. Front, taken straight on at the front of the vehicle.
  2. Rear, taken straight on at the rear of the vehicle.
  3. Driver's Side with door closed, taken straight on at the side of the vehicle.
  4. Driving Position, taken on an angle through the drivers open door showing seat, steering wheel & dash.
  5. Australian Compliance Plate (preffered, with clear view of VIN) or a stamped chassis/engine number.

All photos are to be emailed to as individual jpg/jpeg files.

PCV Contact

CPS correspondence by mail/email to:

Porsche Club Victoria

PO Box 2465, Rowville Vic 3178


Roadworthy Certificates

A Roadworthy Certificate can be obtained from any VicRoads Licenced Roadworthy Tester. To access the VicRoads list of RWC Testers Click Here.

The following Porsche workshops have notified PCV that they are able to organise RWC's. This list is for club member information and is in no particular order.

Classic Modern Porsche, 19-21 Westpool Drive, Hallam, Ph: 1300 356 911

Cascone Autosport, 1/5 Ebden St, Moorabbin, Ph: 9555 0553

Hartech Automotive, 9a Spray Avenue, Mordialloc, Ph: 9588 0134

Jacaro Motors, 61 Industrial Drive, Braeside, Ph: 9587 5664

Porsche Centre Brighton, 855 Nepean Hwy, Brighton, Ph: 1300 167 538

Weltmeister Service, 56 Shafton St, Huntingdale, Ph: 9428 0662

Nineauto, 19 Wannan Street, Highett, Ph: 9090 7522

Auto Coupe, Unit 5/1 Brisbane St, Eltham, Ph: 9431 1663



VicRoads requires that the PCV authorised signature is entered on the permit application notice. Therefore, your VLCPS application including RWC should be sent to Porsche Club Victoria, P.O. Box 2465, Rowville, Vic, 3178. Enclose with it a stamped envelope addressed back to you for return when signed.

At the time of application you must also send digital photos as per the VicRoads requirements to email

A vehicle becomes eligible for Club Permit on the last day of the Build Month when the vehicle is 25 years old. Proof of the Build Month is required if the CPS application is made during the 25th year. See information below for determining the vehicle build date.

On receipt of your new CPS plates please notify PCV of your new permit number and expiry date via email

Click Here to access the VLCPS web page for further info.

Calculating The Vehicle's Manufacture Date

If your vehicle is fitted with an Australian compliance plate, the plate date is the date of manufacture.

If your vehicle is fitted with an import compliance plate or has no compliance plate, the date of manufacture is determined by a manufactures build plate, a chassis number or documentary evidence from the manufacturer’s records 

If your vehicle does not meet either of the above requirements, VicRoads may determine the manufacture date based on information sourced from their registration database, historical data, or evidence from their vehicle safety and compliance expert.

VicRoads Agreement

Our operating agreement with VicRoads and authorisation is here.


VicRoads requires that the PCV authorised signature is entered on the permit renewal notice. Therefore, your VLCPS renewal should be sent to Porsche Club Victoria, P.O. Box 2465, Rowville, Vic, 3178. Enclose with it a stamped envelope addressed to you for return when signed. Alternatively include a stamped envelope addressed to VicRoads, along with a Cheque or Money Order for the VLCPS fee. Garry will sign on behalf of PCV and then forward the permit renewal on to VicRoads. The form also requires your signature, so be sure to sign it as the permit holder as well.

*Online Renewals and Payments are available*

VicRoads has a new digital functionality to enable Club Permits to be renewed online from 31st July 2020.

A copy of the VicRoads information bulletin is available here.

For club members who wish to use this new payment method PCV has two options listed below.

Full Digital Option

1.      Sign the Vic Roads Club Permit renewal form in the “Signature of Permit Holder” section.

2.      Scan the signed renewal document to pdf (photos etc. will not be accepted).

3.      Email the pdf to Garry at

4.      Garry will reply with a signed VicRoads “Club Permit Endorsement Form”.

5.      Upload the Renewal and Endorsement Form to your “myVicRoads” account as per VicRoads instructions.

Postal and Digital Option

1.      Sign the renewal form in the “Signature of Permit Holder” section.

2.      Mail the renewal to Garry at Porsche Club Victoria, P.O. Box 2465, Rowville 3178 with a stamped reply envelope.

3.      Garry will sign the renewal and return it in the reply envelope.

4.      Upload the signed Renewal  to your “myVicRoads” account as per VicRoads instructions.

Information from Vic Roads to pay online:

If you don't already have a myVicRoads account, the link to set one up is:  

Note: The club permit vehicle will only be displayed in a customer’s myVicRoads account if the vehicle is associated with a client id (licence/client number).  If any of the club members want to use the online renewal option and do not see the club permit vehicle in their account at the time of their renewal, they can contact VicRoads Call Centre on 13 11 71 to have it linked.

Permit Validity

If you allow your PCV membership to lapse, you will then be driving an unregistered vehicle.

PCV is required to notify VicRoads of anyone with a PCV-auspices Club Permit vehicle who becomes un-financial. If you have a PCV-auspices Club Permit vehicle, it is important that you pay your membership fees or your vehicle becomes unregistered, that is, illegal to operate on the roads.

If an owner has not received their CPS renewal notice within say 2 weeks of expiry then they should take the receipt of their previous payment to a VicRoads office and request that a new renewal notice be generated. VicRoads also need to be advised of any changes of address for CPS vehicles.

It is also a requirement of the scheme that PCV notifies VicRoads of any miss use of CPS Log Books and/or CPS registered vehicles.



Click Here for the Vic Roads web page on the changes from previous scheme.

Click Here for Vic Roads document "VSI33 Guidelines for Modifications to CPS Vehicles".

Click Here for Vic Roads document "VSI 8 - Guide to Modifications for Motor Vehicles".