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Owners of cars which fall into the categories below are encouraged to communicate with the Captain of their Register. The Registers aim to provide detailed knowledge on the cars they have an interest in, and will coordinate specific events.

Select a link on the left to your register of interest.

Register Director: Paul Sbrissa Email

Early 911 (1963 - 1973)

Captain: Marcus Hancock

Mid 911 (74 – 89).

Captains: Paul Sbrissa


911 Turbo.:

Captains: Paul Blackie


MODERN 911 (996, 997,991).

Captains: Kon Gogos Email

The RS RSR & GT3.

Captain: Hugh Feggans 


Boxster & Cayman

Captains: Mark Behan,  Carlo Fasolino 



993/964 Register.

Captains: Leon Christodulaki Email & Roger Vella


Torque Tube Register (924, 928, 944, 968).

Captain: Wayne Williamson and Jonathan Tiktin


Cayenne / Macan Register

Captains: Jake Parsons Email, and Reza Mohammed