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Welcome to the Registers section of the Porsche Club of Victoria Website

Register events are organised throughout the year for members to enjoy their cars on roads "made for Porsche" while at the same time involving the passenger in following directions and joining the with other members in the great company at morning tea and lunch as well as evening dinners during overnight events.

There are currently 10 Registers representing most types and ages of Porsche cars dating back to 1970 and up to the latest models.

Each register captain organises a run event for their car classification, which then becomes open for all PCV members to join in if places are available.

Typically there are around 30 Register Run's held throughout the year, mostly on Sundays with a few weekend and extended trips included.

These events are very popular and the regular feedback we get is how enjoyable it is for both driver and passenger, along with some great friendships that evolve from regular participation.

Hope to see you at an event soon.

Paul Sbrissa