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All you need to know to have a trouble-free and enjoyable sprint day. These notes are subject to changes so you must read the Supp Regs and all other papers relating to each event. These take precedence over this information.

Read your Supplementary Regulations (freshly issued for each CAMS event) as soon as you get them. Details - including times - do vary from sprint to sprint. Even the dates on our Events Calendar could change, so watch them too.

Where there are two cars entered by one driver in a sprint, the second car will attract half the normal fee. We are enforcing an old Club rule: Once we have received your entry you are liable for payment. However, as an act of grace, if you have applied for a sprint but give at least 3 clear days notice (i.e. no later than Wednesday), your entry fee will be held to your credit for a future event. You have no right avoid payment or to a refund if you do not run for reasons such as:

  • "It was too hot"
  • "It was too wet and the event was abandoned"
  • "Something came up and I couldn't make it on the day"
  • "I had to go interstate/overseas/jail/whatever"
  • "My car broke down before the event or during practice or at the start of the first run" (or all 3 of these).

Generally the Club still has to pay to run the sprint, with many costs the same regardless of the weather or even if people don't compete. So we need to protect the financial position of the Club for the benefit of all members.

Preparation - Don't forget: Clear plastic is required on headlights and forward facing glass (except windscreen). It has to be adhesive type, plastic covers are not enough. You also need blue triangle indicating battery position, fire extinguisher (easily removable for checking and use), approved crash helmet, supplementary bonnet restraint system (not required if road registered with standard secondary catch operational), suitable clothing (shoes, non-flammable material and full-length sleeves) etc. Magnetic signs must be secured by a second type of fastener. See supplementary regs.

Only one set of numbers, clearly visible, in both rear quarter windows of your car during sprints. If a car is double entered (two drivers), the numbers MUST be changed at driver change.

Scrutineering and practice times are shown in the supplementary regulations. Please be punctual so that anyone who is competing as well as officiating gets a fair go at practice.

During Sprints. Do not pass other competitors during the 'warm up' lap from the start to the commencement of timing. The aim is for timing to start with the cars in Grid order. If you put your car ahead of a faster car you may well ruin that driver's 'fast laps'. Drivers should drop back during the starting lap to ensure ample room up to the car in front, in case that car slows for any reason.

If you go off the track, please do not come back on at high speed. All you will do is bring dirt and rubbish onto the track that others could spin on. You've stuffed your lap times, but don't stuff someone else's.

The red flag. If for some reason we need to clear the track we will show a red flag. When you see it, slow down carefully to pit lane speed and make your way back to the pits until the track is cleared.

The black flag will be used on anyone who does not obey these rules or who causes a dangerous situation for others on the track.

The only other flags we use are: to start and finish and to slow you down where caution is necessary because of track condition or obstruction. Waved yellow indicates a problem on the track roadway itself so be prepared to stop at any moment.

A number of matters will be explained at the driver briefing before each sprint. It is compulsory for all entrants to attend.

Sprints are held at Mallala Motor Sport Park a couple of kilometres due north of the town, and at The Bend Motorsport Park near Tailem Bend. Mallala circuit is tight, requiring good brakes, and is curved along much of the 'straight' >> Map, and The Bend has a number of different circuits available which are fast, flowing corners.

Flag Marshals. Display yellow flag to indicate caution to following drivers if a car spins or goes off track. Display red flag to stop sprint if car spins and blocks track, or part comes off car and is on track, or if oil or water spills on track. Always stay well behind wall when cars are on track.

Fire extinguishers: for engine fire use red extinguisher. Do not open engine lid. Point fire extinguisher up from underneath car. For fuel spill or fire on ground use blue extinguisher.

Track Day Checklist: click here for the PCSA track day checklist that can be downloaded and modified to suit your own car. 

+ PCSA Track Day Checklist