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Sunday, 31 January 2021

Mallala Motorsport Park

Supp Regs are on following link:


Enter via this link:

This is your chance for some free learning and experience in low speed car handling!

The PCSA is running a Motorkhana at Mallala on the skid pan and YOU are invited to come and participate.

What’s in it for you?

Of all of the motorsport events, this is the one with the least wear and tear on your car.

Speeds are low, so there is minimal risk! Maximum is around 60kph and an average is around 25kph,

It’s on the skid pan, so there is loads of room!

Run at your own pace! There is no need to be competitive, come and have a try and learn how to control low speed understeer through trail braking, weight transfer, smooth throttle application and precise car control etc through chatting with other members, watching others and having a go yourself. These are essential skills that can be transferred to everyday driving and may assist you in avoiding issues on the road by gaining a better understanding of your car and gaining skills and experience in controlling the vehicle.

Like Tai Chi, if you have dreamed of doing a sprint or a hill climb one day but are not sure where to start, it’s best to start learning car control at low speed and Motorkhana makes a great introduction.

Have a Macan or a Cayenne? No problem! You don’t need a race car to do this and you’ll have a great time learning and understanding your car.

Some of the ladies beat some of the guys last time! Girls, it’s time to get your own back! Sick of your husband bragging? Treat your husband to a thrashing and earn your own bragging rights!

You can have an observer/passenger as long as they are over 14 years of age! It’s that safe! This is your opportunity to get your spouse, kids or friends involved and share the excitement, or jump in another member’s car and watch what they do from the passenger seat! Observers are welcome!

ITS ONLY $85 TO ENTER. Yes, you could learn something and enhance your skills, have a load of fun and a great social day out for less than it would cost you to go out to lunch!

Above all, it’s a fun, social day out! There was not a person without a huge grin on their face last time out.

How do you get involved?

You will need a roadworthy car. That’s it. No helmet, no extinguishers.

Enter via the Motorsport Australia events portal link below - Entries Close 30th January 2020

If you don’t have a Motorsport Australia license, you only need a “speed licence” which you can apply for here or let us know and we can organise a day license for you.

A speed licence only costs $130 and you can use it all year to enter PCSA sprints and Hillclimbs, regularities and motorkhanas, as well as any other Motorsport Australia events.

Need help? - Speak to any PCSA committee member or The Motorsport Sub Committee if you need assistance.



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