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Try and have an early Saturday night so you are ‘fresh’ for Sunday morning at Mallala. You will need to leave home about 7.30am to be at the track (63 km from the GPO) by 8.30am for entry validation and scrutineering.

Be aware that you are required to have a zero blood alcohol reading to compete on the day.


Wear footwear that is comfortable and safe for driving - no thongs. Wear clothing that covers you from neck to ankle - no shorts or short sleeve shirts for example. If you have a driving suit, wear it, that’s what they were designed for. You will need a helmet that confirms to the appropriate design rules as specified by CAMS and make sure it has no chips or cracks. If it has, buy a new one as officials will not allow you to wear it.

Lunch can be purchased at the track but it is a good idea to bring drinking water as you will feel the need most times you step out of your car. You will probably feel more tired than usual on Sunday night - a good sleep is guaranteed.


You must have a current PCSA membership. You will also require a basic CAMS licence (Level 2 Speed) which, should you not possess, can be purchased on the day for 12 months or for a single event.

The Porsche Club is flexible in regard to what you drive - it does not necessarily have to be a Porsche (but would need to be to compete for club points). Some members are ‘between Porsches’ and bring out another car they own to ‘keep their eye in’ and enjoy the friendship of club members.


In car you will need an approved fire extinguisher, in a metal bracket, within arms reach. It should have a clasp that allows easy access. All forward facing glass (except windscreen) requires plastic protection. Some models eg. Boxster are fitted with plastic lenses, so this doesn’t apply. Clear vinyl tape on headlights, indicators and spot/fog lights will be OK.

We need to know where the battery is, so a blue triangle is placed on the panel above it.  Supplementary bonnet restraint is not required if your car is road registered with a standard secondary catch operational. You car will be given a number for the days sprint for timing purposes. This is usually put on the rear quarter window. The club will provide a laminated number for new entrants. Your seat belt must be fully operational and any loose items in the cabin, e.g., cassettes/CDs/mobile phones/street directory etc. should be put in luggage compartment or better still, left outside your car. We are a pretty honest group, so your items will be safe if taken out. We suggest you remove your spare tyre, jack, brace and anything else which, if it came loose, could damage the underside of your bonnet or boot. Floor mats, if of a loose fit should also be removed, as they may allow your heel to slip off a pedal.


Saturday, check your oil level, brake fluid level, and radiator. Check your tyre pressures and make them the handbook recommended pressure plus 4lbs - it is easier to let air out than pump them up. Don’t forget to check the spare tyre either.

Check each wheel nut with brace to ensure they are all tight. Look at your tyre tread and check for nails etc. Brake fluid, during hard cornering, can siphon out of the overflow tube on the top of the brake reservoir. To avoid this happening, raise the overflow tube above cap height. Your battery once again, during hard cornering will loose acid through the overflow tube/ pipe. To prevent this happening, draw enough water from the battery so that the plates are covered by about 3mm. This will allow water in battery enough room to ‘slosh’ around without overflowing. If your battery is a completely ‘sealed’ unit, the above does not apply.


Mallala is recognised as the toughest track in Australia on brakes. You may consider having your brake fluid replaced with SRF (synthetic racing fluid) which has a higher boiling point. Porsche original brake pads are of a good standard, but once again, this track may cause brake fade after 4 or more laps. I suggest on your first outing that you stay with the factory pads and then seek the advice of members if you experience fade. If you have brake work done, ask your mechanic to check the wheel bearings as well.


Try and arrive by 8.30am so as to give yourself time to meet officials and committee members. Unload your car prior to scrutineering and attend to any paperwork or car details. All first time participants are required to participate in driver training at approximately 9.15am, you will be taken for a slow lap of Mallala to view the track and be given some basic advice.

Driver training gives you the opportunity to be on the track in your car as well as in an experienced members car. The advice you receive should help you to understand the track, your car and instil some confidence.

Prior to the lunch break, timed practice takes place to establish the afternoon running order.


The Supersprint consists of a warm-up lap followed by 3 timed laps. This is repeated twice more during the afternoon to usually give you a total of 9 timed laps. There will be other cars on the track with similar lap times. You do not race as such but are let away at 60 metre intervals. The thing you are trying to do is better your last best lap time. Should you be in a situation where you need to pass a competitor, do it only on the straights - not into corners. Keep an eye on your rear vision mirror, as someone may be looking to overtake you. Should you go off the track, come back on slowly - leave the soil and stones in the paddock - we don’t like them on the track. The other reason for returning to the track slowly is to allow the soil which has built up inside your tyre rim to fall out and/or spread evenly around the inside of the rim. If you re-enter the track “full tilt” the kilo or two of soil which is now trapped by centrifugal force inside the rim will make you think you have a rim out of balance, causing the car to vibrate and make you think more serious problems are evolving.

At the end of the day, please speak to a committee member and let them know what you thought of the event - we appreciate feedback.

Original document by By Peter Murch, updated by Amelia Eime Dec 2007 & May 2009.




CAMS licence

Porsche club membership card

Fire extinguisher fitted

Vinyl tape for glass lights

Bonnet tie-down

Blue triangle

Car number

Natural fibre clothing that covers you from neck to ankle

Hat & sunscreen