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A beautiful sunny day welcomed the 42 Gleaming Porsches as they departed from Wiesenhof in Linksfield and snaked their way North East to the Kitty Hawk Aerodrome in Lynwood extension. This Breakfast run was combined with a Charity Drive aimed at raising funds for the Little Eden. 

The convoy arrived at the airfield after an hour run, and everyone was having their Breakfast within half an hour.

A fantastic response was received from all those who attended and the R50.00 Little Eden Competition tickets sold briskly.
The R50.00 donation allowed 1 Entry in the competition, the prizes being  3 Flights in a Gyro Copter, and 1 Flight in a Fixed Wing aeroplane.

By 11:00 the winners had been announced and everyone was out on the runway looking at these fantastic little flying machines.

All the winners emerged from the magical Flying machines with huge smiles on their faces.

A most entertaining day was had by all.

We'd like to thank everyone for your generous contributions, we raised R4200.00, which went towards some much needed items on the Little Eden wish list.

We are very grateful to Heather Sarkis and Albert du Bois who offered to go and buy all the goodies, which Heather handed over to a very grateful Nicholette Muthige - the Marketing Officer of Little Eden on 3rd June.

We would also like to thank Gerrit Roux of Kitty Hawk Aerodrome who organised the flights as prizes.

If anyone wants more information on Flight School SFT contact Johan van Niekerk 012 811 2233.
AutoGyro SA Theuns Eloff 083 458 2233.