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Report Back:


WHAT A FABULOUS RUN!! Those that attended, thanks and thank-you to yourselves - it was exactly what was needed on a cool winter Sunday morning which became very pleasant very quickly, and to end off the calendar as far as official breakfast runs are concerned.

The next breakfast will be the SELA ( BY INVITATION ONLY) breakfast on the 19th of October and the charity run on the 15th of November.

We departed from the clubhouse at the pre-arranged time ( 40 cars and 82 people)- all the regular faces and may I say welcome again to all the not so regular faces and a very warm welcome to all the new members.

The drive, in convoy, to the venue went well, ending with a scenic, interesting drive along the meandering road up the mountain to the lodge. What a surprise we got - the view was unbelievable - the breakfast was "on top of the world"! ( excuse the pun) The mood around the tables turned into a festive one and everybody had a GREAT time. After breakfast, some people went on some of the walks, others, and I must add, everybody else just started lazing in the sun and took in the wonderful views - having coffee and some gathering in the friendly pub, having what they enjoy most. If the grand prix wasn't one of the "still to come" later on Sunday, I am sure lunch would have been in order. Some members made a full day of it - some made bookings for future week-ends and all-in-all, we had a great day.

Looking forward to next year, but keep your eyes and ears close to the ground- we might still slip in a final one this year!