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Breakfast Run, Feast Restaurant, Parys

WHAT A TURN OUT. The second breakfast run of the year took place on Sunday, 22 March. The meeting point was Wiesenhof at Linksfield Terrace just off the N3.

A mixed group of old, new and returning members gathered at 08:00 to enjoy the 117km drive to Parys. There was much back slapping by old friends who had not seen each other for some time and hand shacking as new members were introduced. Albert du Bois got us on our way at exactly 08:30 as planned (apology for the incorrect time published in the mailer).  A snake of 37 Show & Shine prepared cars made up of a very mixed group, ranging from a show room new Carrera 4S, to a beautiful 356, plus two striking yellow Caymans made their way on the N3, then along the R59 to Vereeniging.

The Show & Shine look on all the cars did not last long as our March rain decided that it would test to see if all cars had been polished prior to the rain, and it bucketed as we left Gauteng and entered the Free State.

An hour after leaving Linksfield we arrived in Parys and everyone hastily made their way into FEAST Restaurant.

The sumptuos buffet that Albert had arranged with the owner did not dissapoint. And with plates filled the talking soon died down as 75 hungry members enjoyed thier meal.

Johan van der Walt reminded everyone of next Sundays Red Starr Raceway Track Day, and due to the persistent rain, the plentiful shops in Parys hardly saw anyone as cars made their way back home.

A most enjoyable run and meal was had by all.