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It was a beautiful Sunny late Autumn day, with a large selection of Porsche on display.

The 2018 Concours was again held in the beautiful setting of the Johannesburg Country Club, Auckland Park on Saturday 26th May. Although the early morning at this time of the year on the Highveld are extremely Crisp, the days are sunny and clear. This day proved no different.

68 Cars entered in the Pre-Entry Only competition that was totally digital for the first time this year. Members entered on - line, their entries were then automatically populated into an Entry List. This had been done to facilitate a digital scoring system which had been implemented to cut down on the time taken to tabulate all the D'Etat & D'Elegance scores.

Each car, on pre-entry, was allocated a specific parking bay. The bays were once again arranged on a semi-circle in their different classes to make the judging quicker and easier. 

As with all things that are as well planned as possible, human management threw a stick in the spokes and 6 D'Etat cars scores had to be captured right at the end. A lesson Learnt. Further to this, a predetermind score for car age further contributed to the final D'Etat Car of The Concours being presented to the incorrect entrant. 

A sincere apology goes out to George Avvakoumides who was incorrectly presented the Winner Trophy.  

Cars on display ranged from a 1959 356 Cabriolet, 1960 356B T5, 1960 356C, 1968 911L, 1969 912 to a 2017 Cayman S.

In year decades we had 1950’s - 1. 1960’s - 6. 1970’s - 6. 1980’s - 14. 1990’s - 8, 2000’s - 23, 2010’s - 9.

Entries were broken down in  356 - 3. 912 - 2 . 911 - 44, 924 - 2. 944 - 1. 968 - 1. Boxster - 7. Cayman - 5. Cayenne - 1 

Most members and their families present were well natured during the wait for the Prizegiving which stated 45 minutes late. Trophies were presented and then a hearty lunch was had by all that had pre-booked.

The lessons learned from the mistakes made this year, will be taken into consideration when planning starts next January for the 2019 event.