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On Sunday 27 November, 36 Porsches ventured out in search of automotive heaven and good food – the adventure began at Tony’s Spaghetti Grill at Honey Crest Shopping Centre, Duiker Ave & Beyers Naude Drive where Club Members enjoyed a cup (or two) of excellent coffee, croissants and muffins courtesy of Tony’s world-class Italian restaurant. Following a great early-morning start, the ensemble of flat-sixes (and one or two speedy flat-four turbos) set off for a memorable drive via highways and byways to the eventual destination that will stay with everyone for years to come - a private Motor Museum featuring a number of truly remarkable vehicles. Most notable were the Porsches (a raspberry 964 Carrera RS, carrara white 964 Turbo and 2.7 RS being crowd favourites), a number of stunning Ferraris, a special edition World Rally Championship Lancia, a mint-condition Jaguar XK 120 and the first ever Mini Cooper S to roll off the Rover production line to name but a few. In short, Club Members were treated to what must surely be one on the most remarkable private vehicle collections in the country. Afterwards, Members enjoyed a very fine Spit Braai Brunch – all-in-all, a breakfast run that will surely be remembered!