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The Pre Concours Preparation Demonstration was organised to help Club Members in preparing their cars for the most prestigious event on the Porsche Club South Africa – Central calendar, the 2016 Concours sponsored by SELA Brokers.

The hosts, Porsche Centre Pretoria, went out of their way to make us feel welcome in their workshop, and include a guided tour of the facility.

It was reassuring as a passionate Porsche owner that there were older models cars in the workshop. A SC that looked like a barn find is shown in one of the pictures, as well as a 928 S. A clear indication of the Pretoria Branch being as passionate about the brand, as we are.

The Panel Shop was an eye opener with the most up to date techniques available. For me the underground air extraction made the biggest impact as it made perfect sense - NO DUST.

Albert Du Bois provided his Targa as the guinea pig for Mario e’Silva to explain and answer all the questions as to how the judges would score the cars in the different classes.

The Classes being D‘Etat (where originality scores highly), D’Elegance (no originality scores), D‘Excellence (the most popular category), and Race & Rally.

Mario explained in detail what lengths the Judges will go to in the various classes, and the amount of time that would be spent in judging cars in the first two mentioned classes. The areas they would look in and what members needed to do to ensure a high score.

Originality was discussed in length as to what the criteria of acceptance was. The subject of Original Windscreens was brought up and Mario explained that because of the change in suppliers of older car windscreens over the years, that this was one area where there was leeway with scoring in D‘Etat.

Johan van der Walt attempted to take the engine cover off Hannes van Wyk’s Boxster. WHAT A MISSION. Johan eventually gave up (and he did his at last year’s Concours).

The knowledge that was shared was truly enlightening and everyone present went away knowing a lot more about Porsche than when they arrived.

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