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Our first driver training for 2015 took place at Zwartkops skidpan on 23 May.
It was very well supported and fully booked in no time at all.

We are proud to say that this was the first Porsche Center sanctioned event in a long time, meaning owners of cars with a service-plan could also participate. About 50% of the participants fell in this category.

We started with Dave Woest explaining the correct seating position and different reactions you  can expect from cars with and without ABS & Traction control. 

This was followed by various exercises where we put the driver into different situations where the car could lose control, giving drivers the opportunity to experience and exercise the best ways to counter it in a safe environment.

It was nice to see that we also had wives and kids participating and having fun while learning, it is a great opportunity to teach the youngsters what can and will happen when things go wrong.
All participants had loads of fun and thoroughly enjoyed the day.