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Following an early morning coffee at the Wiesenhof Linksfield Terrace on Sunday the 23rd of October, the group of 63 headed out on a run to the La Como Lifestyle Estate where a Complimentary Breakfast had been arranged. 

After a 45minute drive out to the East Rand, we arrived at this 80-hectare estate. Set in a lavish greenbelt just outside Boksburg, it boasts 9-hectare wetland, nature trail and bird sanctuary.

Arriving at the Lifestyle Centre, members enjoyed an excellent buffet breakfast while the rows of Porsches outside were much-loved by fellow car enthusiasts who were also at the venue.

The developers had invited us as they believe the venue is ideally suited as a Breakfast Run destination. How right they are. 

This spot is certain to become a club favourite in the years to come.