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Report Back:



True to the Northern Committee's tradition, the Porcshe Club stands were inspected on the previous Saturday afternoon. This time we got two well grassed, adjacent sites between the dry river bed and Austin lane. The braai area was next to these spots on the other side of the river, under the trees. Some "Legal "modifications to the demarcating banners were made and all was set for Sunday's show. It was interesting to find some exhibitors already parked and also preparing for the many activities.

By 09h00 most of the committee had arrived and the parking and braai area was prepared. It included a gazebo ( In case it was going to rain ), a nice braai fire, a gas stove and hot water for coffee ( Or is it for rugby hangovers ? ) chairs, tables, banners etc.

For the real hungry club members good food and drink were already available free from the club and, at a reasonable cost, from other food and drink stands.

We had a lonely and lost Ford visitor/settler arrive whom was promptly and unceremoniously bewildered from the Porsche scene. I see Christo brought along his National Luna fridge, he had it pre-cooled at home since his 924 does not have a dual battery system like some Porsches Cayenne or other 4 X 4's ??. Hannes van Zyl brought a folding chair which nearly collapsed because one of the hinge pins was falling out. The Wayne and Marlize Horne family proudly displayed their white Carrera with us and also a Fiat X9 with the Fiat club. Onne Jager had his fiery red 924 Turbo, still without the missing front tow point cover on the front bumper on display . It was parked next to the red 944 of Thenis Cronje followed by the concourse quality red 928 GT of Eddie Roux and the Porsche 964 of Izak.

Then the 356 clan with their leader, "Fuherer Dorfer " arrived in their considerable numbers, causing quite a stir of appreciation amongst the public, and filling up a full row of cars on the stand. Nice to see so many children coming along with their dads in their Porsches. The 356's have certainly contributed enormously to the popularity of the display. It is interesting to hear comments of young people regarding these vintage cars of the Porsche Club of South Africa.

More and more Porsches arrived, like the white Boxster of Joey Nel of Middelburg , which with its roof down was admired by many. Other regulars of the Pretoria Clan arrived during the morning. Then a visitor from Natal parked a silver 912 with us after very scaringly, nearly reversing it into the dry river bed .

Two Porsche 911 SC Targas including a impeccable condition pastel yellow one, graced the exhibition of nearly 40 Porsche Cars from all ages but all beautifully cleaned.

A braaifire was started, boerewors sausage was braai'd and we had plenty to drink all supplied by the Nothern Region of the Porsche Club of South Africa. Some members now walked around, admiring more magnificent displays of about 3,000 cars in the rest of the display grounds. It must be the biggest display of rare cars in the whole country . The beer tents and mampoer stand were well "supported". Later the members started to disband, and around 15h00 the Porsche Club stand was dismantled, as you well know our banners are heavy and big !

Christo and Ria then left with the Northern's trailer and his 4 X 4, oh sorry, his red 924.