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Cinderella Story – A Charity Initiative with Porsche Club South Africa Central and Nature’s Choice

Porsche Club South Africa Central was contacted by Isabel van Loggerenberg who is Nature's Choice’s Community Services Responsibility Representative to assist in the Cinderella Story.

The intention of the initiative was to arrange for some unprivileged scholars to attend their matric farewell by arranging clothing, makeup and transport assisted with donations from various individuals and organisations.

The 14 young ladies and their partners came from two schools in Meyerton, namely Dr Malan High and Destinata.

The Porsche Club members provided stylish transport for them, to help create a memory for their Matric Farewell that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

The Porsche Club Members met on 1 October at the blockhouse near Meyerton at 16:30. We then travelled in procession to the Nature’s Choice venue in Meyerton where the scholars were getting dressed in their finery.

After many photos the convoy travelled to Biekie Bos and dropped off the first 6 couples. We then returned to Nature’s Choice and collected the remaining 8 couples. After a short journey, the remaining youngsters were dropped off at Emerald Casino in Vanderbijlpark.

Thanks again to all the members for their assistance and to Nature’s Choice for the opportunity to help with this worthy cause. 

A bit about  "Cinderella Story"

Childhood and indeed life have key events...
milestones that help shape who we are and the adults we will become!

For young women, grad and prom are two moments in time that mark key social highlights.  Along the road to create these happy, lifelong memories is the pressure to keep pace with classmates and friends.

The expenses associated with these events can be substantial. Dress, shoes, makeup, hair, tickets...the list is long. Many girls in our area and  their families struggle to meet basic needs each day, so the goal of fitting in and outfitting themselves in a nice dress seems an unattainable something out of a fairy tale.

Enter the Cinderella Story, a 100% volunteer-run organization of women who strive to give young ladies a prom dress and a few extras at no cost to them.

Founded in 2009, Cinderella Story relies on the generosity of dress donors and volunteers to fit girls with the dress of their dreams. We are NOT a charity...just a group of enthusiastic community members who fondly remember our own proms and who wish every girl has a dream night of her very own.

The transformation and wide smile on a young lady's face who may have never owned a dress before or ever felt like she would be able to attend prom gives you goose-bumps.