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Weston Aerodrome has become a favourite place for PCI meets, with it's relaxed and family friendly restaurant overlooking the airfield , and large secure parking just outside. Little wonder then that Weston has also become the traditional home of our Christmas meet, as always, held between Christmas and the New Year, a time of school holdays, relaxation, and yes, boredom! So this gives our club members the opportunity to dust off their Porsches and meet up for some fine breakfasting and the usual mixture of envy and bragging across the tables and down at the car park.

This year was very well attended , with some 25 cars and 50 odd breakfasters .. In fact , our poor waitress was not expecting so many and was run off her feet!

As the photos show , there was a fine array of Stuttgart's finest, with rear, mid and front engined cars on display.

Special guest was 'the Hulk' , a brand spanking new Mk 2 997 GT3RS, standing out in viper green , and commanding many envious stares.

Also as has become tradition, and due to the long straight out of the quiet Aerodrome carpark, most everyone gave their cars a little 'Italian tune up' as they departed the scene post breakfast.. Probably the best part of the meet!

Hope to see you all there again next year!

Barney Lynch.