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Inclusive Track Day Initiative at Mondello Park, 16. August 2021

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Four Doors n Classics


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 Learn to drive your car at fast pace on a paved track staffed with Marshalls with safety equipment
 All Porsches are welcome. We want you to bring your Cayennes, Panameras, Boxsters, Caymans, 911s, Taycans, Macans, and Classic Porsches. PCI Track Day fun has never been limited to GT cars.
 Classroom and in-car coaching will show you the fastest way around the track in your Porsche.
 Helmets are required. No other special gear is needed.


Introduction to PCI Track Days

             A Zoom meeting introducing members to the PCI track day program.
      Video: Presentation and Q&A 
      Presentation Slides


PCI Track Day Basic Guide

Must reading before one's first track day and an excellent refresher for experienced drivers.


Novice Class (part 1)

      Video: Presentation and Q&A
      Presentation Sildes


Track Terminology

Key terms used by drivers


Guides to Mondello Park

      Guide to the Mondello Park International Circuit

             A detailed turn-by-turn explanation of the school (not racing) line.

      Video: Driving the School LIne

             A slow-paced video deomonstrating the school line with voiced over commentary.

      Track Map Mondello Park International Circuit

              Stars mark marshal stands staffed on track days and Turn 2 cutout to paddock/pits is shown


PCI Track Day 101

             A collection of informative PCI videos hosted on YouTube.



Augusto Amaya, Club Motorsport Officer
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