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 Sunday, 24 March 2013

Porsche Club Members and Porsche Club friends,

We would like to invite you to our breakfast meeting on the 24th of March 2013

In the Park Hotel Clonmel

Meeting time: 10 am

Venue: Clonmel Park Hotel

Duration: 10 till however long you would like to give your time

This Breakfast meeting continues with our meetings earlier in the year only this time we are combining this one with a drive up the “Vee” after our breakfast whoever wishes to partake.

It is the southern section with Kieran and Mel incl. other locals who have organised the drive and we just meet up with them on the Clonmel side and carry on together. The drive starting 11.30 to 12.00 am give or take.

If you need a Sunday to cool down from a busy St. Patricks weekend then this is it.

The breakfast will be served only up to 10.30 hence I am asking you to come for 10.00 am if you wish to have Breakfast.

The drive should be a gem as we are definitively due some great weather as well as the drive from Dublin or the west or the southwest to Clonmel should warm you up for it.

Hope to see you there,

Many Thanks, George