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Saturday, 29 August 2015

1977 Circuit Of Ireland ( Special Stages) Tribute Run

Sat 29th & Sun 30th August, 2015


Boys and girls, this Run will be carried out over a full day on the Saturday 29th August  and ½ Day on the Sunday 30th August 2015. The special stages are numbered 22 – 32, so a total of 10 Special Stages to complete.

The people who are travelling long distances can arrive overnight on the Friday 28th August, ready for a 9.30am start on Saturday morning 29th August. We'll be based in Kenmare so everyone doing the start has already gone through Molls Gap in one direction .

Saturday Morning 29th

So, Saturday the 29th Aug, day one, we do Special Stages 23 & 24 in the morning run and these are Special Stages

22 Molls Gap ( you did 22 on the way in ,but we do it again  )

23 Turners Rock

24 Borlin

Driving Time is circa 2 hours

             Summary – Day 1 ( Morning)

             Start 9.30 AM

             Finish appx. 12.00 pm for an early lunch

Saturday Afternoon 29th

After Lunch we do Special Stages 25 to 28 inc – Afternoon Session , Saturday 29th Aug and these are also Special Stages

25 Killmakilloge

26 Ardgroom

27 Cod’s Head

28 Tim Healy Pass

Driving Time is circa 2 hours

             Summary – Day 1 ( Afternoon )

             Start 2.00 PM

             Finish appx. 5.00 pm

Sunday Morning 30th

Third and Final Stages are on Sunday Morning departing from the hotel at 10.00am

We do special stages 29-32 Inclusive which are again Special Stages

29 Ballaghbeama Gap

30 Knocknapple

31 Been Hill

32 Caragh Lake

            Summary – Day 2 ( Morning)

            Start 10.00 am 

            Finish appx.1.00 pm, allowing for an early departure after lunch?

There is a final opportunity to go back to Killarney via Molls Gap (the 4th time you will have done it at this stage!)

Looks like it will be a great event.

Any queries contact Kieran Twomey 

Mobile: 087 957 4183