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A Brief History

Founding the Club

Before the Club was formed, Porsche owners in Ireland looked to Region 27, Porsche Club Great Britain, for Porsche club activities and camaraderie, as some Club members still do in addition to the Club.

On 9 March 1997 five Irish members of Region 27 drove their Porsches to a meeting at the International Airport Hotel, Dublin, at which they determined to form our Club as an unincorporated association:

  • Richard O’Mahony (83 LH 435 3.0)

  • Ken Allen (365 SZU)

  • Ted Gaffney (86 L 297 911 3.2 Carrera)

  • Liam McGuinness (444 DZH 2.7) and

  • Ken Martin (ZV 6089 356).

Karen Gaffney and Ivor Murphy were also present and the formation meeting. Other than Mr. Martin who has passed, all five founders are current members of the Club.

After the formation meeting, the attendees drove to Newbridge House & Farm, Hearse Rd, Newbridge Demesne, Donabate, Co. Dublin.


All photos couresy of Ted Gaffney.

Mr. O’Mahony assumed the Chair of the founding group and contacted Volker Spanangle, Porsche Clubs Manager, to seek recognition of the Club by Dr.-Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG. On 15 September 1997 the Club became the 157th Porsche Club in the world.

The Club recognised Mr. Spanangle’s assistance in the Club’s formation by making him the first Honorary Member of the Club in 2004 along with Hans Riedel and Gerdt Müller who were also instrumental in welcoming the Club among the Worldwide Porsche Clubs. At that time Mr. Riedel was a member of the Executive Board: Sales & Marketing of Porsche Automobil Holding SE.

In the years since the Club’s formation membership has grown from the founding five to more than 500 members. Mr. O’Mahony did the heavy lifting in the early years and served as the first President of the Club. Since then, another eight members have held that role.

Richard O'Mahony

1997 - 2000

Gabriel Greer

2001 - 2002

Fintan O'Sullivan


Ted Gaffney

2003 - 2007

Dave Whelan

2008 - 2011

Neil Lane

2012 - 2014

Dave Whelan

2015 - 2017

Karen Gaffney

2018 - 2021

Denis McGill

2022 -