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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Enfield, Co. Meath

Hi all,

We would like to invite members to partake in a rolling road day on Saturday the 5th of November with Neil Lane and Shane Murtagh organising.

The Rolling road day is scheduled to take place at Westward Engineering in Enfield Co.Meath.

We are looking for numbers to ensure that we can accomodate as many members as we can. These days offer great banter.

We are looking to run between 7 and 10 cars if possible. I have included below the content of the information I have received to make to help make the day the success it will be.

"We require a list of cars in advance for approval - details 2 /4wd - front/rear wd/ manual /auto etc.

Will need to check 4wd cars re: electric centre diff/ no automatics/ no tiptronics etc

We want to compile a list of names of those persons attending in advance - one driver and one passenger only per car.

We ask that no more than those people on the list provided ( 2 people incl driver per car) attend - for Health & Safety Requirements.

We do not require a deposit - each person can pay the group organiser when they have their run & the Organiser can make payment in full at the end of the day.

Euro 60.00 for 2wd Dyno Run.

Euro 100.00 for 4wd Dyno Run.

We would ask that all/ most be present for 10.00 am to begin.

It would be advisable for everyone to service their car / and check oil levels & regular oil/ filter change before they attend - in order to get the best possible from their car on the day.

We will provide a spot prize on the day.

We also provide Tea/ Coffee, Munchies & soft drinks on the day, without charge.

Please note that on a Rolling Road Day, we only power test the car & give a print out of power & torque, and the tester will give advice / comments on the car for your consideration. It is not possible for us to tune cars on a RR day. If you require a tuning session for any of your members cars, we can arrange an appointment generally during Mon - Fri 9am - 1pm & 2pm -7.30pm, please contact us with details of your car and your current requirements.

Please provide details of filming / recording or photography in advance. We require a contact name for person in charge of recording/ photos on the day. We request that our premises location & company name is acknowledeged on any reproduction of photos and that written permission is sought in advance of reproduction of photos for any commercial purposes.

Just a note for insurance/ liability. We have been fortunate to date, to never have experienced engine damage or failure during our testing or tuning procedures. All cars are inspected and we reserve the right to refuse to test a car, should we have any concern or reservation on the Rolling Road day. It is surprising the number of cars that come for a power run with little or no engine oil !

All cars are dyno tested at the customers request. The customer should be satisfied that their car is in good working order before they consider getting their car tested. Engine damage or failure is rare and typically results from poor quality parts or poor assembly proceedures. Westward

Precision Engineering assumes no responsibility for engine content, quality or final tuning authority. Should engine damage or failure occur the customer accepts all responsibility. Customers further assume all risk for damage that may occur during testing. In the unlikely event of engine failure/ damage customer is responsible for cleaning cost of our Dyno cell.

Should you require any additional information or assistance, or if you have any special requirements or suggestions as to how we can help make your day more memorable, please do not hesitate to call 046 9541622 or 046 9541755."

In order to know where we stand we suggest we look at a cut off date of next Monday 31st of October.

You can do so by either posting on the Forum, Emailing me or calling Shane on 086 6006563.

Many thanks