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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Hi all,

Porsche Club members And Porsche Club Friends

We would like to invite you to the 7th round of the PCI-Karting Championship and PCI – Indoor Karting Champion 2010 Challenge Wednesday 29th of December at Kylemore Karting in Dublin

Due to the adverse Weather conditions we did cancel the event for the 29th of November as well as the indoor Karting event for the 4th of December.

We did tentatively reschedule for the 11th of December the indoor event. However because of logistical reasons we have decided to reschedule this Event to the 29th of December.

We believe it will give more of our members a chance to participate and especially maybe get a break from Christmas celebrations to get out and have a bit of fun on the track.

This session is Grand prix status and we would need 10 drivers for the session. I know we will have the numbers but George would need bookings at the earliest where possible, as he would have to notify the Venue owners if we are more than 12 Drivers or less than 10.

Session start is 13.00 hrs.

Drivers briefing at: 12.30 hrs.

Session status: Grand Prix 1 hr. session

Please note changed Starting times to previously advertised event of the 4th of December

The theme as always is racing with emphasis on Fun, this time for the Indoor challenge and the last round of the current PCI-Karting Championship 2010.

The Venue is Kylemore indoor Karting in Dublin a venue well-known to some of our members. We had visited this venue a number of times and it always produced some great racing.

It’s a great venue for anyone who loves a bit of "craic" and would like to test his driving skills on a track rather than on the public roads.

This will be the last Karting session of the year and we hope to have plenty of interest as this is the 7th and last round of the current PCI-Karting Championship 2010. We would like to advice that we have also a separate PCI-Indoor Karting Champion 2010 Challenge to be run in the same race. So there is plenty to fight for and we hope it will be met with plenty of interest and some great racing.

Newcomers to the Karting fraternity are always welcome and will be looked after with respect and of course plenty of “banter”.

We had a great and successful season with some fantastic and competitive racing in Karting (the F1 racers would be drooling if they’d see us), the greatest of fun while we were at it, made and meet great friends along the way.

I may also advice to the following:

We will have some small celebrations for the Winners of the Indoor Challenge at a venue close by and let me advertise now for the Trophy-night out at the Annual Waterford Dinner on Saturday the 29th of January 2011 in Waterford. This should be a great night out for all from the Karting fraternity to our PCI-Members and Friends from the Southeast as indeed PCI-Members and Friends from all of Ireland whom we hope to see represented there. Overnights stay can and will be either organised or advised. So please watch out for details to come on the Website and the PCI-Forum or the News list where e-mails periodically being distributed to PCI-Members.

Please contact George for bookings on: or phone 051 563935 and 085 7818824

Directions to the venue can be found here.

Prices are €50 per Driver

Looking forward to see you there