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Tuesday, 9 June 2020

As with so many events this year, Picnic in the Park is one of the affected events that cannot be held in a way we used to.
However, we are delighted to forward the invitation to a Virtual Picnic in the Park on the 22nd of July.


Dare we say it, we appear to be slowly emerging from the worst effects of COVID-19. But for those who have suffered loss and pain, this may never go away. And yet we must continue to provide help and support to all those who are still struggling to cope with many other difficulties that existed before the advent of this pandemic and continue to exist today.


This year, Motorsport Ireland will support the RIAC, who over the years, have raised thousands of euro for LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice, through its annual “Picnic in the Park”.

We seek your help and support for those in LauraLynn who provide outstanding service to ensure Ireland’s only hospice for children with life-limiting conditions can continue to operate at the highest level possible for those most vulnerable in our lives.


Unfortunately, we cannot host a group physical “Picnic in the Park” opportunity this year as our planned event on 22nd July in Marlay Park, Dublin, like so many other events, has been cancelled. Instead, we are hosting a virtual Picnic on the planned date of 22nd July.


So how can you join in? You have three opportunities:

1. Host a real picnic with your family on or before Wednesday, 22nd July and email your photos to Include your cherished car or motorcycle in the image provided and we will post this on our website.

Then, please donate at using the reference "Picnic".

We will award a small prize to the photo that best captures the spirit of the occasion.


2. Post a photo of your family picnic on Wednesday, 22nd July to your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram profile with the hashtag #VirtualPicnicInthePark and tag Motorsport Ireland & LauraLynn.

Then, please submit your donation at using the reference "Picnic".


3. Without hosting a picnic, but you would still like to help, then please submit your donation at using the reference "Picnic".

We do not know when this pandemic will end – no one does. But, in the meantime, can we continue to make a difference to those children who need it most? Yes, we can!

Thank you very much for your support.