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We are delighted to welcome you to Porsche Club Ireland.

We currently have just over 300 members, and with the increased number of events scheduled throughout this coming year, it would be great to see you join in the fun. As is normal with all clubs, there are some practical terms and conditions which we need to run by you and get your signoff on before we can process your application.



Porsche Club Ireland Events & Activities including but not limited to: drives, track days, shows, barbeques and any events run by Porsche Club Ireland ("the Club").

In joining or renewing my membership with Porsche Club Ireland or by attending any event organised by Porsche Club Ireland, I hereby agree that I will hold harmless Porsche Club Ireland ("the Club"), it's officers, members and anyone else associated with the club, against any injury, loss, damage or expense, howsoever occurring, that I may suffer during any event organised by or attended by the Club.

I acknowledge that I am not a "consumer" and Porsche Club Ireland is not an “organiser” within the meaning of Sections 2 and 3 of the Package Holiday Act 1995.

I acknowledge that I may partake in any of the Club events of my own free will and not as a result of any representation or assurances given to me by the Club, it's officers or members and I have agreed to sign & tick this disclaimer indicating my acceptance of all of its terms and conditions on this basis also.

I further acknowledge that some of the activities that are organised by Porsche Club Ireland are, or may be, inherently dangerous and I hereby agree that should I take part in any of such activities that I will do so of my own free will and will take every precaution to ensure my own safety and that of everyone else.

I confirm that I have my own appropriate medical and travel insurance in place to cover any injury, loss, or damage that I or my passengers may suffer, should I be involved in an accident during an event organised by Porsche Club Ireland.

I confirm that the vehicle with which I participate in any of the events will be fully covered by insurance for my participation wherewith for the whole period of the event in accordance with the Road Traffic Acts

I confirm that I accept full responsibility for any injury, loss or damage that any person in my car may suffer while travelling in my car or who is involved in an accident with me may suffer at a Porsche Club Ireland event.

I further confirm that I have carefully read this disclaimer document and understand its full effect and import and have signed the document or ticked the box below indicating my agreement to the terms of this document of my own free will fully understanding the full implications of it.


In order to join the Club, you must download, print and fill the form below. Post, or scan and email, the completed form to the Club Secretary

Please choose one of the links below, depending on your desired Membership Level.

In order to renew your Membership, select one of the below credit card or PayPal payment option depending on your desired Membership Level. Payment can also be made by EFT or cheque/draft and details can be found in the Membership form linked below.

By selecting the links below you agree to fully accept the terms and conditions of this disclaimer document:

Accept and Download 2019 Membership Form


Payment links:

Credit Card

Please make sure to note your full name, address and email in the comment section.

Accept and pay Full Membership (€70.00)

Accept and pay Associate Membership (€35.00) 


Please make sure to note your full name, address, email and car details in the comment section.

Accept and pay Full Membership (€70.00)

Accept and pay Associate Membership (€35.00) 

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