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Sunday, 20 July 2014, Maldron Hotel Oranmore - Sunday, 20 July 2014

Lough Corrib drive

Sunday Drive Galway & Mayo update:

This coming Sunday Lough Corrib drive.

I will put together a full detailed document of the days itinerary, similar to what I normally do and will present this to all on the morning. We will set off from the Maldron Hotel Oranmore at 11am which is just 3 minutes off the motorway.

A lovely calm drive ahead with what looks like a very welcoming stop over at Ashford Castle for pre-arranged lunch/dinner in the cottage restaurant where you can sit down chat, admire your cars that will be parked in an area reserved for us and have a look around fabulous grounds and castle. We then depart from there and return via Connemara but not in too deep into Connemara like we have done before but plenty of the mountain and lake views are still clearly visible over those lovely roads, from a slightly different side. Still a few sheep out strolling here and there.

This is not a very lengthy drive as I do realise it is Sunday, some of you may be travelling a long distance, well hopefully and people do need to get away reasonably early. I am accommodating this.

We are allowed in around the castle with the cars for pictures and viewing.

They will be delighted to welcome you the members of Porsche Club Ireland and your cars.

I would love to have you join in. I also do realise these few months are very busy with club events which is great and I totally respect and appreciate you can’t be at all the events.

We welcome you all & your cars into the West with open arms & wish you a safe and enjoyable event.

Please confirm with me via email, phone call or text if you can make this event as I do need to notify the castle for lunch arrangements and parking area.



Porsche Club Ireland West of Ireland Regional Representative