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Sunday, 17 May 2009

5th Round of the PCI-Karting Championship gathers pace.

We are booked for a 1hr. session at Pallas Karting in Tynagh Co.Galway.

Tynagh is just a couple of miles outside Portumna for people coming from Dublin or other area's.

The session starts at 13.00hrs. for a modified Grand Prix format.Drivers briefing is at 12.40hrs.

Please give yourself enough time getting there to save your competitive edge for the Karting.

We have arranged a meeting venue between 12.00hrs. and Portumna at the Shannon Oaks.

Shannon Oaks is a Hotel/Restaurant and we will have a warm down lap at the same venue after the Race.

Pallas Karting is a 1.5m long track and will be demanding on your skill and endurance.The Karts as far as i know are twin engined petrol powered and have top speeds of up to 50mph.The Track is a mayor venue on the National Karting Calender and definitively not to be missed.

We have currently 11 booked Drivers and need 15 to command the track for ourself s for the full hour.

Please use the usual media to book or contact me under 085/7818824 (to be used on the day as well.)

E-mail me on or

You can also use the Forum under the Karting tab and or text me on the mobile.

There is another cracking session competitive with lots of "Craic" and Fun in store,

hoping to see you there

Many thanks