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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

On March 28th 2018 we were delighted to be invited to visit Barretstown.  Barretstown has to raise over €5 million each year to fund their activities and any help offered is gratefully appreciated by them

We met in Ballymore Eustace and drove in convoy to Barretstown.  We were brought in an entrance to the estate where the children could not see us then we did a convoy past the lake and into view to all the children.  There was a lot of noise and engine revving as we came into sight.

We then queued up to take the children for a short drive on the estate.  We had a great turnout of Porsches and were delighted to give each child a small gift from the club.

It is very humbling to see the attitude of these children and also to visit this magical place which has a special place the hearts of Porsche Club Ireland members

Thanks to Tony and Andy for organizing this