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 Sunday, 1 May 2016

Generally a good number of club members attend the monthly Cars & Coffee event as guests and these take place the 1st Sunday of each month.The Cars & Coffee event is held at: IDA Business Park, Southern Cross Road, and will take place on Sunday morning, May 1st, meeting anytime from 10.30am onwards, and winds down about 1pm or so.Typically there is a diverse range of cars present including of course some tasty Porsches'.

Directions: From M11 just south of M50, take exit 7 for Bray/Greystones R767, proceed straight through the next series of roundabouts to come onto Southern Cross Road, and turn right half way down Southern Cross Road to enter IDA Business Park. Proceed straight ahead and park up to the left, along the avenue, or the two car park areas opposite the Coffee Shop. We arer requested  you not to park in the Coffee Shop designated parking area, to allow his regular customers parking space. Coffee Delights serves great coffee and a super cooked brekkie, worth going just for this!

Take care on Southern Cross road to the complex, it is very easy to break the limit (60km/h) and it's often policed with speed traps.

Please contact your NE regional officer for any further details.