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Friday, 11 July 2008 - Tuesday, 15 July 2008

This event was set up by two brothers (Anthony and Mark Connors) to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society. The Funball Charity Rally event consists of 20 cars leaving Ireland and travelling through the U.K, France, Belgium and stopping at the world famous Nurburgring in Germany for a fun filled day of driving around this amazing 20.8km track, before the long haul back through France to Cherbourg and ferried back to Ireland.

The event will take a total of 5 days, covering over 2000km. The event has been organised from the start as a charitable non-profit event. In order to keep the entry sponsorship for each car down to a minimum, and our fun to a maximum, we will also be looking for major sponsors to help us on our way.

All applicants must be over 18 years of age and hold a current full drivers licence. All Drivers must have Co-Driver. Sponsorship raised per car includes: Ferry crossings to UK and Europe return, Hotel stopovers, 8 laps of Nurburgring, fuel supplement and a lap of the ring in the BMW M5 RING Taxi (for the car that raises the most sponsorship).

Your Sponsorship of €5000 minimum covers 2 people per car, sharing a hotel room. We are limited to 20 spaces, therefore places will not be secured until full deposit of €2000 is received

All cars must carry sponsorship from main sponsors. (up to 50% of car). Your deposits are nonrefundable until the €5000 sponsorship is reached.

All Sponsorship money totalling €5000 Must be received by Funball charity rally by the 30 June 2008. (DEADLINE). Deposits will be refunded on receipt of donations. T-shirts, sponsorship cards, collection buckets and letters of authorisation from charity will be supplied on request.

Full details and booking forms are on the events website at