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 Wednesday, 29 December 2021
 Zoom Webinar

Members logged into this website may vew all the AGM Supporting Materials below. (Member usernames are email addresses. Forgotten passwords may be reset on the website.)

  • FY 2021 Financial Statements
  • Secretary's Report
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Members Motions
    • Motion A: Only elected Committee members at Committee Meetings
    • Motion B: Term limits for Committee members
    • Motion C: Club funds used only for Club goals and annual financial statements sent to members at least seven days before an AGM or EGM
    • Motion D: Member Rights

Click HERE to access the AGM Supporting Materials.

Late-breaking guidance

The AGM is a Zoom webinar, different from the meetings we had on Zoom earlier this year. When you join as an attendee your camera is off and you are muted. Your camera cannot be turned on, not by you and not by us. As an attendee you are able to turn your microphone on and speak only if our host or co-host authorises.

Make a statement. To indicate that you want to make a statement and be heard, click the raise hand icon at the bottom of your screen. When we see that we will ask you to unmute and you may make your comment. We intend to hear all comments.

Ask a question. If you have a question, please click the Q&A icon at the bottom of your screen and type your question into the Q&A box that appears. All the attendees will be able to read your name and your question along with the answer if in writing or will hear the question and answer if addressed by a panellist as part of the discussion. Attendees will be able to 'upvote' questions to indicate that they think the question is particularly important. We intend to answer all questions.

How to Vote during the AGM
Paid-up Full and Honorary members for 2021 will be entitled to vote on-line during the meeting but all members are welcome to attend the AGM. Those entitled to vote will receive an email from first thing Wednesday morning containing instructions and a personal code to use on the voting website. If you are entitled to vote and you do not have the email by midday, contact Mi-Voice at for assistance.

How to Join the AGM
When: Dec 29, 2021 19:00 Dublin
Topic: PCI AGM 2021

Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Passcode: 698952

Or Telephone:
    Ireland: +353 1 653 3895  or +353 1 653 3897  or +353 1 653 3898  or +353 6 163 9031  or +353 1 240 8941  or +353 1 536 9320 

Webinar ID: 848 9275 1224
Passcode: 698952