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Sunday, 15 November 2009 - Sunday, 15 November 2009

just a quick reminder for our second last Karting session of the current PCI-Karting Championship this Sunday the 15th of November at 12.00 hrs. in Kicornan Co. Limerick


Please use the usual media i.e. e-mail address / the PCI - Forum / my mobile Phone 085-7818824 to book with us.


we have a Grand Prix session booked for 12.00 hrs. for one full hour.

Drivers briefing at 11.45am please give your self enough time to get there and if you have any trouble finding the Venue please give us a call for more details.


The location information and details can be found at this link:


This April we had a rain filled session at the Venue which was one of the best sessions of the season and crowned Ted as the rain-master.

A short track with great Karts and plenty of action suitable for every kind of Driver, mind you if you are only coming the first time

be assured all Drivers behave like Gentleman/Lady and look out for our novices.


Please bring your Friends to make this another enjoyable Day out.

We will have a warm down lap so to speak in at a Venue, which Colm our Local Member from Limerick has in store for us.


Looking forward to a great session as also the weather will hold out for us as we where told


Hoping to see you there

Many thanks