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Saturday, 23 July 2022

This event will run in and around the Southern Region as a mystery tour with a treasure hunt theme. A €20 per person entry fee will apply which will be paid on registration and 100% of that entry fee will go directly to the AIR AMBULANCE after the event takes place.

This event has been registered with the Irish Community Air Ambulance Service and they are delighted to help promote the event and have made a few excellent suggestions and have come on board to make the day an enjoyable one for everyone who takes part.

Upon registration for the event, which is now open via the link below, you will be asked to pay the entry fee and on receipt of that, you will receive a little closer to the date the first Eircode, which will be the start location, and a time to be there. This will be the same for every participant, but please don't be tempted to Google it until you are instructed to do so via email or your PCI Region WhatsApp group.

When you arrive at the start location you will be asked to sign on and you will be given your first set of Eircodes and more details of what the day will hold. There will be a surprise or two on the day.

Items you will need on the day include a pen, a small container (plastic lunchbox size), a smartphone that has a camera with Google Maps loaded on it and access to WhatsApp.

We recommend that each car has two occupants as there will be clues to follow and questions to answer at each location and photo proof sent back to headquarters via WhatsApp when you reach each location.

The mystery tour / treasure hunt will run approx 2.5 hrs each side of a lunch break. These times will be confirmed in your instructions on the day.
A prizegiving will take place at the end of the event for the top ten results.

Stay tuned to your WhatsApp group and email as we come closer to the event in case there may be a clue or update of some sort.

The Southern Region is looking forward to seeing you on the day.

Kind regards
Sandra Golden

€20 per person
Please use the secure link HERE
Mention "Air Ambulance" in the description.

Please register HERE