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Sunday, 19 May 2013


Porsche Club members and Porsche Club Friends,

We would like to invite you to the

3rd round of the PCI - Karting Championship 2013 on Sunday the 19th of May

At Santry Kart City Dublin

Meeting time at: 14.30 hrs.

Drivers briefing at: 14.45 hrs.

Session start at: 15.00 hrs.

Session status: Grand Prix ca.1 hr, session with Grand Prix Final race

We will need 12 Drivers for this session everybody is welcome, bring your friends / family for a bit of fun and help make up the numbers.

This is a Venue tricky and demanding, maybe a bit tight in places but a great Track and incredibly joyful to race in the rain. Last year’s race there was in the rain and it was one of the most joyful races of the season.

To spice this on up we are racing just after the Pro Karts have had their race day and if you would like to see them race they will be there from 9am to 2pm with at least 5 Porsche club members competing in the TKC Championship and a great sight to see them fly/compete and we may well get a spin in one of their karts after. The best time to come along is when they have their finals around 1 pm or just before.

So if it’s to your liking and Karting is what you need or you want to continue to score in our PCI-Karting Championship come on over/up or down and let’s have an afternoon of Fun.

I have provided with a link for directions below for you to check location and layout of the Track, price for the Grand Prix session is 50.- Euro’s pp.

It’s a must been venue for anyone who loves a bit of "craic" and would like to test his driving skills on a track in Kart Racing.

Find a link below to get more info of the venue:

and below is

just a link to the Le Mans Super kart race last year well worth watching

If you are new to the Karting fraternity we will accommodate as best we can and its easy to take it up as a simple and joyful experience you be talking about for days.

If you would like to pre book with me please txt / ring 0857818824 or e-mail:

Many thanks, George