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It wasn’t an April hoax I had in mind when I set the date for the second fixture of our race Calendar, but just the amount of weeks I designated as a gap between events. As it did fall for the 1st, some of our friends did elude to it being an April hoax only as a joke with everybody wanting to have some craic on the Track in any case 1st April or not.

It turned out a fantastic day with the weather as I had predicted when asking my esteemed local friends here at home and as I had hoped. This event was unfortunately sandwiched between two major events of our now very busy PCI-Calendar. So I wasn’t surprised that we did have a little difficulty to make the numbers and as it turned out Toni the owner of Kiltorcan Raceway did rum the Grand Prix session for us with 8 committed Drivers.

I had been over early in Co. Kilkenny in the morning with our friend Bills house who had invited Martina and me for breakfast before the race and to get finally his own 911 started again since she was laid off for some time. As it happened Bills friend Morris was with us as well and we all headed over to Kiltorcan leaving the girls on their own.

I was delighted to see Paul coming to his first outdoor Karting event with Porsche Club Ireland after some impressive display during the Indoor Challenge 2011 last December. Peter had arrived with his family in style with his beautiful 993, while we also had Merv in his 928 with us from Waterford first time and his friend Mark. Andy our local usually with his 996C4 was with us, as Colm arrived with his Kids who entertained themselves with a game of Pool during the race. Not to forget Ciaran who was down already from Dublin with his fantastic looking 944S2 in plenty of time ready and eager to race.

After Toni explained us all what we had to do or not and with plenty of banter we all headed out for our Practice session and made again, or to the first time ourselves familiar with the track. The qualification session was a close and competitive affair where you could clearly see who would compete with whom. As it turned out in my case I had a close run with Mark who indicated to me after the qualifying he had his eyes on me and he be watching me during the race.

With the drop of the Flag we all headed off to the first turns and with no an inch being given, plenty of contacts and so on I ended up last again or as Toni puts it “George they dumped you again”. So of course I made up some places but the one I wanted to catch witch was Mark I was behind most of the race and wasn’t able to pick up time as we were even. However I then concentrated in my cornering to see if I could make up some time coming close at one point but I would have needed another 2 laps to catch him.

In the meantime all of the Lads had their own little battles and I could see Ciaran and Paul landing in the gravel at some point, with Colm chasing Peter who once again runs away with a win.

So it ended after a fantastic race acknowledged by our Fans spectating beside the Track, with Peter finishing in 1st, Colm in 2nd , Mark (non PCI-Member and Friend of Mervin) in 3rd, myself in 4th, Andy in a respectable and hard fought 5th , Mervin finishing in 6th , Ciaran in 7th and Paul in unlucky 8th after a visit in the gravel.

This leaves the PCI-Karting Championship Leader board 2012 with the following standings:

1st Colm 36 points with Joker played in second round

2nd Peter 32 points with fastest Lap in second round

3rd George 16 points

4th Ciaran 11 points with Joker played in second round

5th Jacub 10 points

5th Andy 10 points

6th Paul 8 points with Joker played in second round

6th Ben De. 8 points

6th Billy N. 8 points

7th Mervin 6 points

8th Willy B. 5 points

9th Connie 4 points

10th Alex 3 points

The surprising outcome of the weekend is that even with Peter winning the race, but with Colm playing his Joker, Colm does end up leading the Championship. However with Peter still having his Joker to play all could change quickly again as this Championship is already hooting up, while I can’t wait for the next race. I can’t but only commend and thank my fellow competitors for their gentlemanly efforts on and off the Track, to thank them for coming and I hope to see you all at our next race on Sunday the 13th of May with the venue TBA.

Many Thanks,